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The Stormer Report: Traitors, Treason, Tolkien and Turks(audio)

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 rbear    240

Women do not think in the same way that men do due to a lack of separation between the two hemispheres of their brains.

This allows the logical side to bleed into the emotional side and vice versa, causing them to make irrational and dangerous decisions.

This is why never before in history have we ever put women in authority over men.

The second part of the podcast looks at Turkey and how they are profiting from the war in Syria. They are not just making money by buying discount oil from ISIS, but are now being given $3 Billion euros by Angela Merkel to help speed up the invasion of Europe. Erdogan is a typical dictator who does not just lock up journalists for exposing his terrorist connections, but also tries to imprison people for calling him ‘Gollum.’

Finally we hear some good news from Russia, that George Soros’ Open Society Institute is being banned, along with the National Endowment for Democracy. Both these organisations have been instrumental in organizing revolutions from Georgia, to Syria to the Ukraine, yet still people insist on shilling for the Jews in Ukraine.

audio on link

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 rbear    240

Kerry Demands Russia Give All Ukraine Immediately to NATO/EU/Jew Bankers

With all this in Syria, yall forgot about the Ukraine crisis.

John Kerry didn’t.

Washington Post:

Secretary of State John F. Kerry called on Russia Thursday to withdraw its troops and equipment from eastern Ukraine so a peace deal can take effect by the end of the year.

“This is the time for concrete steps to end this disastrous and unnecessary conflict, and begin the process of rebuilding in Ukraine’s east,” Kerry said in remarks at a meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which has the often-dangerous task of monitoring the situation on the ground in Ukraine.

A pall of sadness hung over the group’s annual meeting, as diplomats in turn offered condolences to other nations for citizens killed in terrorist attacks and other acts of violence.



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 rbear    240

EU Hypocrisy: Turkey “Refugee Deal”

The European Union’s “refugee deal” with Turkey is a staggering display of political hypocrisy and will boost, not slow, the nonwhite invasion of Europe, an analysis of its various components reveals.

The deal has followed an EU-Turkey summit held in Brussels, where it was agreed that in return for Turkey “slowing down” the influx of “refugees,” the Europeans will speed up Turkey’s application for membership in the bloc and also provide a €3 billion ($3.2 billion) “aid package” to that country.

Furthermore, all indications are that the EU leadership also plans to import Third World invaders directly into Europe from Turkey. A European Commission meeting on November 30 between leaders of eight member states agreed to prepare a framework for a “voluntary scheme” to resettle invaders from Turkey by December 15.

This move was immediately described by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as a “trick” through which another half million or more invaders would be brought into Europe.

According to Orbán, the plan to take in invaders directly from Turkey was also raised at a summit of EU leaders in Malta last month, but it was shelved after it became clear that some countries—including Hungary—were prepared to use their veto power to block it.

For his part, the Turkish Prime Minister described the agreement with the EU as a “new beginning” for his country. He said he was “thankful to all European leaders for this new beginning, which is not just a beginning of a meeting but the beginning of a new process, which is very important for the future of our common bond in Europe.”

However, he then went on to demand that the €3 billion payment be made annually, and not just as a one-off. cont

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