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Munich Jews battle in court over Holocaust remembrance (Holohoax)

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 rbear    240

Two Jewish groups in Munich are at odds over how to remember the Holocaust. The situation has escalated, and now one of the groups is suing the city. The argument centers on ‘Stolpersteine’ - bronze memorial plaques that can be found all over Germany, but not in Munich.

In July, Munich voted to continue the ban on Stolpersteine first introduced in 2004.

The brainchild of German architect Gunter Demnig, Stolpersteine, or ’stumbling stones’, have spread from Berlin to over 1,000 German municipalities and 20 European countries since 1996. The stones are important for their role in honoring the Jewish victims of Nazi Germany. According to The Local, some 55,000 plaques are in existence, symbolizing the victims of the Holocaust, which claimed the lives of roughly six million people.

But Munich remains the only major German city without Stolpersteine, which has polarized the local Jewish community, in part because some 4,500 Jews were killed in the city alone.

The Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria (IKG) stands firmly against the suggestion to install the stumbling stones, and the city authorities are listening - against the wishes of other Jews who are in favor of laying the plaques. cont

pics related http://www.use.com/FUMuk

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