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Senate motion to hear arguments against illegal US war in Yemen fails with 44 votes.

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Senate Votes to Kill Bill Challenging Legality of Yemen War

Sen. Sanders Slams 'Cowardly' Move to Prevent Vote

SJ Res 54, the Senate’s War Powers Act challenge to the US military involvement in the Yemen War, was killed Tuesday by the Senate, meaning it will not get a direct floor vote. The bill noted that Congress never authorized the Yemen War, and would’ve compelled the US to withdraw its participation. The vote was 55-44.

The bill did finally manage to get some decade in the Senate earlier on Tuesday. In what Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), one of the three co-sponsors, called a cowardly move, however, the Senate never voted on the bill itself, instead voting to “table” (i.e. kill) the bill without allowing a vote.

The bipartisan bill was presented by Sen. Sanders, along with Sens. Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Mike Lee (R-UT). The vote to kill it was largely split on party lines, however, with few Republicans resisting the leadership . Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) led to vote to kill the bill, arguing it would lead to a “Wild West debate.”

The Trump Administration loudly resisted the bill, arguing that Saudi Arabia would be mad if the US withdraws. The Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, is in Washington D.C. this week, and met with a number of high-ranking senators before the vote.

Opposition to the Yemen War rests heavily on the massive number of civilians killed in Saudi Airstrikes. That the US involvement was never authorized by Congress was another big issue, though this was the first attempt by the Senate to actually challenge a conflict over War Powers Act violations.

Still unauthorized, the war remains illegal under US law, despite the bill being tabled. It is not clear if there will be any more legal challenges any time soon, though the 55-44 vote does suggest growing opposition to the conflict. Even there, however, some of those who opposed tabling the bill were not expected to support the bill itself, if it had been given a floor vote.

Two comment and my replies:

"They admit that the US involvement is illegal - a violation of the WPA. So, what we have here is a rogue government. If the Legislature is not willing to enforce its own laws, is there another avenue to get Congress to curtail its illegal activity? Can the states file charges? There has to be some means to rein in a rogue government...isn't that one of the reasons for 3 equal branches of government? Oh, well, we've got a wackjob at 1600, a SC that believes that corporations are people, and a legislature that is relatively full of self-aggrandizing bought-and-paid-for ideologues.

And they allow foreign governments to come in and "meet" with congressional members, whom I'm betting were either in favor of ending the involvement or sitting on the fence. Fixed that!"
The Supreme Court would need to accept a suit by the states or by individuals harmed by the Yemen involvement. They would rule it's covered under the S.J. Res. 23 from 2001. This is why the Pentagon is careful to brand those killed as "al-Queda", or "terrorists", specifically for the carte blanche application. When all 3 branches are aligned, there is no longer a legal process. The states have no superseding authority over their citizens that would be greater than the Federal claim on its thrall. American government is a sham and always has been a sham. If these matters are of concern to you, your only option is leaving the country. Most are still allowed to do so, for now at least.
"When all 3 branches are aligned, there is no longer a legal process."

Then it's obvious that the Constitution needs to be changed to deal with situations such as we're experiencing now.
You know what that would entail. Virtually impossible, and not going to happen over this. Moreover, state rights to secede and/or refuse to follow Federal laws would be challenged by individuals in Federal courts. There is no internal remedy except large-scale disobedience, which is "illegal".

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This shows you how many voted and so how many are getting monies or are being paid monies to keep the illegal war going, the cost of munitions has a BIG profit margin. they pay lots of kick-backs to politicians, very sick!!

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