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VIDEO: Ukraine cannon fire hits school and apartment building

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Ukraine opened fired on the center of the Dokuchaevsk "Rebel" Donetsk Peoples Republic DPR. A school, orphanage hairdressers office & an apartment building were all hit. The school had over 300 kids in it, none were hurt. This is almost a daily occurrence. The kids return to school tomorrow. Please help us spread the word of what is happening in the Ukraine War!

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The people of Donetsk and other cities in E Ukraine took up arms to prevent this from happening to them, to prevent becoming victims of the Nazi insanity.

https://www.sott.net/article/278522-The-truth-about-what-happened-in-Odessa-Ukraine-How-Bandera-psychopaths-murdered-raped-and-burned-people-alive-with-the-blessing-of-the-Western-powers PAY ATTENTION TO THE WARNING IN RED AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE.

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I only used weather rockets.  Not responsible.

Hairdressers though...we have a thing against the hairdresses this much is true.  Satan (hive) likes to paint things with broad brushstrokes.  I speak about these things how there is no team for "good" here.  Evil (dark), evil (light) are your options.  Who's eviler?  They feed the same satan.  I say the false light is eviler because it's cloaked in white; everyone knows what you're getting with satan they don't know the whore of babylon stuff.

GRACE of Jesus Christ and his FATHER with all non-demonized humans.

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