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The Grand Easter Egg Hunt!

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This is a story. Imagination based.

One murky night a man rode out of the kings palace, With him he carried a sack and within this sack was an egg. This egg imbued with the seal of rulership would allow a special individual of wit and ingenuity to take over the kingdom of men. 

The man who rode out was trustworthy and loyal to the idea. He could be trusted. And so he set his mind to hiding this special egg and so he did.

Some time later, Rumours spread among the small hamlets of a red flower not native to these regions being left at the doors of young adventurers. No one knew what it meant but some were inquisitive enough to go and look.

But to tell the rest of this story, I must share a page from the journal of my dear friend roger whom we were watching very closely, He was very intelligent and we thought he might have been the one at the beginning. But he did not take the bait.

Rogers Journal Entry #314429

I still look back on those red flowers, Hearing the stories over the years has me wishing I had gone looking that very first day, But to catch up now would be pointless. I miss my friends. Those who set out that day to figure out what they meant.

It was several more years before I saw any of those men again, One I bumped into just the other night at the local tavern. His name was Norman, Oh the tales he spun had me on the edge of my seat, It was clear that those red flowers meant more than I first thought. But like the cold crisp dead of night I felt the chill upon my body, I felt deep regret. Like I had missed my chance to be somebody.

But I find solace as I look upon this mans scars. I do not think I would have survived. And even he has given up it seems. He says he's going to stay in town a while. I think it's nice to have old friends back.

Rogers Journal Entry #314434

We found Norman this morning, Dead. Cold. Stiff. Hanging. A note left addressed to me in his front pocket. I just opened it.

I can't believe what I am reading. This can't be true! It can't be! So few words. But so impactful!

"It's a competition, And the winner gets the blame for the next genocide. I am free! Never let them have it!"

Attached to this was a crudely drawn picture of my hut, It seemed he may have buried something on my property. So I checked and I found it. Inside the hole I found... A golden shelled red inlaid egg with a giant heart on it. I'm not sure where to put it though. I must hide it. Somewhere it shall never be found. Maybe it will buy us time. Or maybe they will just replace the egg!

I shall not know till I try.

The End

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The irony of this story is, folks keep burying it, keep hiding the egg. But Oh, the incredible beastie that it hatches. Hypnotic eyes of pure love, that can reach right into the darkest soul, and light the desire of love, of fellowship...

So still it lies, curled in the shell, waiting for the one, who can see, who can feel, the real truth of the matter. The one who can hatch it out.

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