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What We Mean Is, So We Can Get Our Black Ops Destabilizing Assets Out From Under Russian Fire!

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 WhiteHorse    490


What We Mean Is, So We Can Get Our Black Ops Destabilizing Assets Out From Under Russian Fire! 


The U.S. Has been in the process of destabilizing Syria now for four years. I'm sure those " moderate" terrorist are screaming for some relief as they are deeply embedded inside Syria and their escape route has been sealed along the Turkish border.

Mysteriously there is evidence that pockets of ceasefire will try to be negotiated, even though the boogeyman is still at large. The Russians aren't discriminating and I say they shouldn't. After all weren't the " moderates" the ones who's hands were caught in the chemical weapon cookie jar. 



‘Pockets of ceasefires’ may soon turn up in Syria – Obama


What can happen is if the political process that John Kerry has so meticulously stitched together, in concert with foreign minister Lavrov of Russia, if that works in Vienna, then it's possible given the existing accord that the parties have already agreed to, that we start seeing at least pockets of ceasefires in and around Syria,”Obama told reporters.

Echoing the claims by US officials that Russian air strikes hit the Syrian “moderate opposition” more than Islamic State militants, Obama explained that these cease-fire “pockets”would protect the rebels supported by the US.



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