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FakeNewsCNN pimp David Hogg attacks Bernie Sanders because ?

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19 Mar 2018   :pointing-down-smiley-emoticon:

FakeNewsCNN: pimp' David Hogg attacks Bernie Sanders because he wants the ability to sue gun manufacturers.

(video clip)

Why does anyone pay attention to this pimp Hogg? He is a twit with verbal diarrhea.  

He's a terribly disturbed young boy. He's got issues. Its best to keep a watch on him. He will do, or cause problems all too soon.

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Libtards are so f**king stupid. Libtard judges that allow this type of suits are even more retarded. The manufacturer has ZERO to do with anything when some wound up psycho is shooing up some place. It's the same shit that you can't blame all gun owners for one moron. As I've said before any given weekend with USPSA or IDPA or any other shooting sport organization literally hundreds of thousands of rounds are fired off every single weekend of the year around the world and not a single death happens at those events. This kid needs to stfu! 

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