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Robbert Van Den Broeke – Real Alien Proof, Harassment From The Dutch media, Natalee Holloway’s Location.

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Robbert van den Broeke was born in Breda, Holland and grew up in a small West-Brabant village, with an older and a younger sister. At a very young age he found he had psychic ability and ‘saw’ things which his parents were unable to comprehend.

Because of this lack of understanding about what he could see and feel his growing up was difficult and he developed traumas, phobias and insecurities plus anxiety syndromes.
It was not until he was 13 years old that his gifts and talents were recognized and under the excellent professional guidance of psychologist Rens Hendriks he was able to develop consciously in paranormal and spiritual areas.

Robbert is a controversial figure in his homeland, the media has not taken too kindly to him. The conversation takes a turn when the topic of Natalee Holloway, was mentioned. Robbert van de Broeke says he knows where the body of the missing Natalee Holloway lies. Van den Broeke indicates that Van der Sloot admitted in a skype conversation that Holloway is indeed in a grave of the Sint Anna cemetery. “I am particularly glad that he has told us on video that he did not want to say anything about Sint Anna and that I believe that it is correct, and of course we also pass this on to the police, but they do not take us seriously.”

“someone sent us to the police station in Aruba, we called and we have mailed, but they say that there are so many psychics who say they know where they are, that they do not even investigate it anymore, which is embarrassing and enormously frustrating. you know that another medium, without me knowing it, has appointed the same place .This cemetery, also grave 15 “, says Van den Broeke. The Hoevens medium now exclusively informs the editors of the Halderbergse Bode that he very recently also received a precise location; cemetery Saint Anna, grave 15. He is convinced that the police will meet the remains of Natalee Holloway there.






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