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By reporting that Israel only had “foreknowledge” of these attacks Ostrovsky is trying to conceal a more sinister truth, which is that Israel planned and carried out the attack.

At the end of the day this exposition of the 9/11 false flag operation will serve as an indictment of the numerous perpetrators who were really responsible.  The author has captured quite well many of the key characters who were directly involved in the planning, coordination, execution and coverup of each of the false flag attacks carried out against America on September 11, 2001.  Truly, “by their deeds ye shall know them”.

What distinguishes this particular treatment of 9/11 from so many others is that it is guided by common sense and reason.  Where hard physical evidence may be lacking here or there for every investigator, the author uses his critical thinking skills to skillfully arrive to the most likely criminal scenarios.  In so doing he pieces together a crime scene, and mind-blowing puzzle, which categorically identifies those culpable co-conspirators who have simply indicted themselves by both their actions and inactions.  Moreover, it is through correctly perceiving the network of professional and personal associations, which each guilty perp belongs to, that has permitted the web of deceit to crystallize so clearly.


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