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Some Feedback on another New Feature!

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group feature?  

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  1. 1. Would you use the group feature?

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    • No! Its stupid!

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 Ukshep    12,974

As you know im always looking for ways to improve the website. Adding new functionality and giving you as many ways as possible to express yourself and collaborate with one another.

This recently led to me looking into groups addition as a feature. I will explain briefly how it would work, and you can all give me some feedback and opinions on it.

Imagine your own mini forum within our forum (complete with banner, name, message board).

You could create a flat earth research group: upload a cover image. Set up some info and wait for like-minded researchers to join you. You could be 100% free of trolls and shills if for instance you set group membership to be approved by the group owner. You will have your own discussion board within the group to discuss things and even settings for your own group user titles and group roles.

This could be used for a vast variety of fringe topics even on a ct forum. For some of that stuff that is a little out of this world even for some. Or just as an extra tool to get together and share information.

And lets not forget. It brings a vast social aspect as well as a base for planned collaboration & research to the forum as well. This is however still in the early stages of planning and we want to know if this is something users would be interested in using.


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This sounds like a good idea! A way to keep all the similar threads kind of organized, I always have trouble deciding which one to add new stuff into. Maybe get to know how others are thinking on the same issues, and pulling resources - a way to get stuff in a coherent way that would be easier to show to my non-awakened friends & family. :DWsKVPL:

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 rbear    240

I was originally against this, having come from a site that had over 100k members and this didn't work there. Anyhow, I am reconsidering my outlook. I am not sure if you are familiar with chans, some chans have their own independent chans (user created beta's) that are posted. I will dm admin about this.

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