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Catholic Church Facilitates Foreign Invasion

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Catholic Church Facilitates Foreign Invasion

Posted November 19, 2015 at Accuracy In Media

In the face of President Obama’s veto threat, members of Congress may not be able to pass legislation suspending or upgrading the program permitting refugees from Syria, the Middle East and North Africa to settle in the U.S. But the Republican Congress certainly has the power to hold hearings into the millions of taxpayer dollars being funneled through Catholic and other church groups to bring them here. Many Catholics and non-Catholics alike would like to know how “religious compassion,” using federal money, is increasing the potential terrorist threat to America.

You may recall that Pope Francis promoted the Obama administration’s pro-immigration policies during his visit to the U.S. Left unsaid was the fact that the American branch of the Roman Catholic Church is getting millions of taxpayer dollars to settle refugees. According to their financial statement for 2014, the latest year for which figures are available, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops received over $79 million in government grants to provide benefits to refugees.

Read the whole post here : http://www.aim.org/aim-column/catholic-church-facilitates-foreign-invasion-2/

:facepalm:I think I am going to have a headache .

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It's because most hispanics are catholic, and therefore will support what the Papacy says. Since he's also latino, that will help aid the nWo in it's final conquest of the new world. It's all about demographics and altering the political climate. Obama did it with the influx of refugees to swing states (Colorado and Michagan big on that list) and the right wing plans on returning the favor and if they succeed, turn Cali red. That's the reality behind the movements.

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