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France Starts Shutting Down Alternative Media

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 DarkKnightNomeD    1,599

Every time there's a huge terrorist threat, the public gives up their freedoms for protection from the Government. And every time, our leaders use these new laws to destroy civil liberties.


November 25, 2015 by Sophie McAdam - Read the full article in the link above and check out all of the hyperlinks.


Les Moutons Enrages, Sputnik France and Fawkes are other popular alternative media sites which ‘Le Blog De La Resistance’ author Z references in his post. Most remain defiant, with the first promising to ‘open up in Russia if necessary’. Z points out that Francois Hollande has been promising to silence ‘conspiracy theorists’ since January this year. We Are Change’s crime was to post a video (below) with a few questions about the Paris attacks. They seriously pissed off the authorities, and it was enough to get the French version banned for ‘reasons of national security’. Z then quotes George Orwell, and laments the fact that telling the truth is now ‘an act of suicide’.

Here’s a question: when leaders keep telling us not to allow terrorists to change our way of life, why is crushing dissent the first thing they do when something horrific happens? Isn’t dissent part of living in a free world? Aren’t protests and asking tough questions of those in power just a couple of the liberties we are supposedly trying to ‘spread‘ around the world? Isn’t that part of what makes democracy so great?


Yep, the intelligence services are doing a terrible job. They have proven themselves incapable of predicting horrific attacks in advance, despite the fact that as soon as a terror attack occurs, a huge list of details is magically available to the media. How was it possible, for example, that alleged Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev‘s personal Amazon wishlist was being discussed well before the time it would take the authorities to even look at all the CCTV footage of the marathon? These perceived (ie fake) failings may lead many to support increased spying measures for the ever-growing sprawling network of global surveillance tentacles, but it’s worth asking whether these incompetencies are even real, because all terrorism laws tend to do is systematically dismantle what is left of our civil liberties.

Edited - Posting the right video.


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 WhiteHorse    490

We must wade through piles of disinformation, picking up a piece of truth here and there, assemble the truth and pass it along. Evidently, too much truth is making it to the masses. 

First the fear of copyrighted material, the silencing has begun. Next the fear of government intervention, it's a matter of national security. 

The fear of the truth reaching the masses, a secret to be used as a weapon of mass deception. 

We are silencing you for your own good, or is it for our own good, we know but you can't. 

I guess they can't handle the truth in France, so the government tells them. 

Truth travels at the speed of light, even through the atmosphere of lies. 



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