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Israel Meets with Google Jews to Censor Palestinian Videos

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 rbear    240

Google is run by Jews and they have an office in Israhell.
The Zionist occupational government of Israel is having some major difficulties dealing with the on-going Palestinian uprising.  As a result, the evil Zionist Jews have met with the Jews at Google to help them censor videos originating from Palestinian territories.

This just shows how intellectually and morally bankrupt the Zionist Jews are.  If their propaganda was worth anything there would be no need to censor their opposition.

The best propaganda is “truth” because it fears no investigation.  Any entity which attempts to stifle political speech and materials are the one’s who are pushing lies.  All we get from Israel are lies and half truths.

This is one of the many reasons why the Jews have been hated throughout the centuries.  Are we finally at the point where a final solution to the Jewish problem can be implemented?  Let’s hope so.


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