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People who approve publishing lists of gun owners cry foul over published list of Muslims

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Intresting. I don't want them to regester because I feel they are as treatening to my safety as a firearm, though. It's because once this nonsense is settled, it's time to go home. I don't mean to be a prick in that statement, and I'm all about aiding those in need. But this country is in tailspin, and unlike the disney cartoon, there's nothing funny about it. So, before we can help those that need it, we need to rebuild that cracked foundation. That said, bring em in, but make sure they understand it's not a perminate situation. Just temporary shelter from the storm. Sure, not all of em have to go back once it's all settled either. But then we gotta follow that path to citizenship, and one of the keys to that is to regester yourself as an immigrant. It's not a slight or insult, it's the way the system was designed to insure that we can be that nation that can take in a half a million refugees in times of trouble. 

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