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New Acronyms

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I probably spelt that wrong. Who cares? Time to have some fun. We spend alot of time on here talking about the worst of times. Time to makes some bests of times. This is that thread o.o 

Example teaching is the only kind I know, so here it goes, I think you'll all get the jist of it, and be way more creative than I o.o That is the goal anyways.

LBGT - Lesbians Bring Giant Tacos o.o

NASA - Not Actually Scientists, Amegio

CIA - C**ts In America

FBI - Fockers Behind Institutionalization

ATF - American Terror Force!

TPTB - Totally Predictable Talentless Bastards

FCC - Fools Controlling Conversations


Get it? Got it? Good? Make me proud, my friends, enemies and those that don't give a fuck either ways ^.~

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Or not..

well, i got a few more, than I'm outtie. Let this thread have it's honorable death e.e

NSA - Nazis Spy All

DEA - Doing Everything Assbackwards 

Media - Mocking Everything Dear In America


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