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Still Report #461 - Hospitals Crashing in Germany

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 Cinnamon    14,435

Video says that Muslim men are refusing treatment from females at clinics and hospitals. The children they are bringing in are emaciated and neglected. One child died after being treated at a top German pediatric clinic and a doctor and 2 nurses were stabbed because of it. Muslims are having to be escorted into hospitals with police and police dogs. There are lots of diseases, like syphilis, AIDS, Tuberculosis and other exotic diseases that are unknown in Europe. Muslims are adamant about being accommodated in every way regarding their religion, when they don't get their way they "throw a fit". Clinics can no longer handle emergencies and all cases are now going to hospitals. 

Coming to America soon! I think what might happen is that Europe might shut them out soon and they will all be brought into the U.S. 

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 Ukshep    13,123

The sense of ****** entitlement these immigrants have fills me with anger. Im going to leave this thread before i say something that gets me into trouble!

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 Groove    1,328

Refugees my a$$. If your truly fleeing an area that is war torn you would accept any help you can get. These people don't want help they just want to take over. Why can't most Americans see this. Oh wait if the msm doesn't report it its not true. 


I see stupid people. Let me sharpen my claws. 

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