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Obama: GOP attacks on refugees help ISIL

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 Cinnamon    28,952

ISIL’s still not the varsity team, President Barack Obama said Sunday, but if Republicans running for president and in Congress continue to respond to attacks by playing off fears, they’re doing the terrorists’ work for them.

A Republican reaction that’s tried to block refugees from entering the country — and members of the media whom he blamed for lacking perspective in coverage over the past week — give in to fear as the terrorists want, help them recruit and let a group of people who’d have no hope of actually defeating American forces on the battlefield win anyway.


Upending American policy and talking about Christian-Muslim tests for entry that he said accept ISIL’s terms of a religious war will increase the threat of more attacks.


“Prejudice and discrimination helps ISIL and undermines our national security,” Obama said.

Even as Obama credited the group, also known as the Islamic State, for the Paris attacks, and, for the first time publicly, for taking down a Russian passenger jet in Egypt, Obama repeatedly spoke about the limitations of the terrorist network that two years ago he referred to as the “JV team” — a remark that his critics still cite as evidence that he underestimates the threat.




Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/11/obama-isil-terrorism-fear-216130#ixzz3sHPoT1CV


The reason the Arab states are not letting them in is because they are a huge security risk.  Not one of these slimy politicians who want to bring them here will acknowledge that when spouting their rhetoric. 

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 garlic    2,639

>>>The reason the Arab states are not letting them in is because they are a huge security risk.<<<

They are also not letting them in because they are a huge health risk!


The devastated health care infrastructure in Syria has hindered immunization programs, leaving millions of citizens vulnerable to vaccine-preventable diseases [14]. Vaccination coverage in Syria is estimated to have dropped from 91% in 2010 to as low as 45% in some regions by 2013, indicating rapid collapse of immunization systems in conditions of war [3]. Of the 1.8 million Syrian children born since the conflict, over 50% are unvaccinated


While we are importing refugees, we are also importing diseases too.  Remember the measles out break at Disneyland that sent California Health officials into a frenzy? Now California has mandatory vaccination law. 

No worries, I'm sure the refugees come complete with shot records and a clean bill of health. Our government would never jeopardize the health of Americans in order to push their agenda.

I'm not a fan of vaccines but if the government requires our children to be loaded with poison, the refugees get to roll up their sleeves and join the vaccine induced autism crowd too.

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