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Programming Hate Into AI Will Be Controversial, But Possibly Necessary

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  • Despite that, we will still try to create AI with our own values and ways of thinking, including imbuing it with traits we posses. If I had to pinpoint one behavioral trait of consciousness that humans all have and should also be instilled in AI, it would be empathy. It’s empathy that willform the type of AI consciousness the world wants and needs — and one that people also can understand and accept.

    On the other hand, if a created consciousness can empathize, then it must also be able to like or dislike — and even to love or hate something.

    For a consciousness to make judgments on value, both liking and disliking (love and hate) functions must be part of the system.

    Therein lies the conundrum. In order for a consciousness to make judgments on value, both liking and disliking (love and hate) functions must be part of the system. No one minds thinking aboutAI’s that can love — but super-intelligent machines that can hate? Or feel sad? Or feel guilt? That’s much more controversial — especially in the drone age where machines control autonomous weaponry. And yet, anything less than that coding in empathy to an intelligence just creates a follower machine — a wind-up doll consciousness.

    Kevin LaGrandeur, a professor at the New York Institute of Technology, recently wrote, “If a machine could truly be made to ‘feel’ guilt in its varying degrees, then would we have problems of machine suffering and machine ‘suicide’”? If we develop a truly strong artificial intelligence, we might — and then we would face the moral problem of creating a suffering being.



    I think this is article explains a lot about the mentality of people who are creating A.I. Just what we need a hateful, depressed and suicidal robot that is physically stronger and incapable of feeling physical pain. Better find out where the off switch is before playing with one of these! 

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I think robotics are great for mundane tasks like manufacturing but using them in a human capacity is just mad scientist territory.

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