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Deep Impact - September 24th 2015

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Can't watch vids, DK. 10 gb a month limit. I saw the movie years ago.

Can you summarize?

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Dude, lots of potential "Dooms", all on my birthday this year! (dancedancedancedancedance) 8-) Hmm, Venezuela - didn't the US just put them on the terror watchlist? NASA is also working on a mission to divert an Asteroid into Orbit around the Moon. As you say, "coincidence", not Likely! Wouldn't it be convenient if said asteroid herding had a mishap, and gosh, Venezuela flattened? ;-)

The mystery booms have been recorded back as far as the 1850s. We've been having them here in Delaware for years. It seems historically, they were almost exclusive to places near large bodies of water. Which DelaWHERE is on both the East Coast and Chesapeake Bay. Right across the water from DC. Curious stuff indeed.

If I knew for certain something was going to happen? Meh, not really anything we can do about it, gave up drinking ages ago, after the wife dumping me from afar, despite jumping through hoops since 2,000? I laugh at giving up for major doom ;-)

That being said, will keep my eyes on the news, always outdoors chasing nature with cameras, so if anything weird happens will try to catch it and share with everyone here. Thanks for bundling up so many potential "non-coincidences", as seeing the big picture is a whole other ballgame 8-)





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