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Fed pushes back as Congress eyes its billions

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"For the Federal Reserve to be saying this impinges upon their integrity, etc., etc. — you know, it’s absurd," said Rep. Peter DeFazio, the top Democrat on the House transportation committee. "This is a body that creates money out of nothing."


Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/11/federal-reserve-congress-pushback-216086#ixzz3s9ZPEr5w

Oh, look! Someone in Congress actually gets it and says it out loud!  Careful there, DeFazio!  

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Why would we need funding for highways and transit?

Let's flashback to 2011 and the American Jobs Act that provided for 50 billion for new and pre-existing  infrastructure projects. It also created the National Infrastructure Bank capitalized with 10 billion.


Also that year we have the Surface and Air transportation Programs Extension Act

Highway programs: limit of $42.5 billion; authorizations for surface transportation research extended



They throw billions of dollars around like it was Halloween candy, free for the taking. Oh wait.....

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