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Obama: Incompetence Or Treason?

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 CGK    2,174

This is one of the best articles I have read in a long time! I say its treason, but you decide.

This is not mere incompetence, but a carefully planned program of eradication: A plan to crush what he hates, the West, Christianity, Israel and America

As of late, there is a constant drone of political pundits, even from CNN, asking “Why is Obama doing this?  Why is he saying that?”  Even former President Carter, the weakest president of the twentieth century, has said “Obama is inept.”  Does Obama live in his own little world?  Is he truly inept or is there much more to this man that our miserable main-stream media didn’t tell us or bothered to find out?

The media seems to be playing the “we’re confused card.”  They scratch their collective heads and wonder in amazement about what Obama says and does.  They actually look as confused as so many of us.  Is he incompetent or does he have a plan he’s not divulging?  Or, did Obama plainly announce his plan in 2008 to “fundamentally change America?”


This is all classic Cloward/Piven, Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx, divide and conquer, create dependency and discontent, drown the nation in debt and break the financial back of the country.  A collapsed American economy wipes out the middle class, small business and with it the West.  Create a problem and then tell the American people you’re the only one who can fix it.  Lie and keep lying until everyone believes you.

Spread the gay agenda in the culture and especially in the military; sabotage their morale and morality and you help destroy the most powerful nation in the world.  Dismantle the family, the Church, repeal the SECOND AMENDMENT and the mission is complete.  Destroy the culture and you destroy the nation.




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Neither, I think he is going to use the immigration thing that republicains will have to bow to, to have any chance to secure the latino vote, and make the muslim minority more prominate, specially in a swing state like Michigan. It has nothing to do with betraying his country, per say, as his country is one that would be coolies like that. The president reps what the people vote to be the best guy to place his view on the nation. Thus representation as the form of government. Obama is playing long ball, but he's getting old. HIs last zinger on the GOP was weak. "They're upset about the moderators, but then...this!" in refrence to who fucking cares. You're not up for reelection kid, when they ask, "Who and what cha think about the opposition party?", i'd answer, "The only opposition I face is to maintaining and aiding in the regrowth of one of, no the, finest nation on the planet. And playing second fiddle to nonsense that doesn't ever even address any real issues is irrelevant," Then i'd drop the mic and kick the door open on my way out. Just to see if Dave was right. But also to make the point that Barry has bigger fish to fire than what a republicain had to say.

Where he loses step is the "It's only widows and children" b.s. We know better. We've seen better. I get women and children first though. To them, the middle east is a sinking oil tanker and he's just trying his best to make sure those that shouldn't be punished for all that led up to this, arn't. In that, Barrack again is making the best intended decisions that lead ya to a hotter climate.

TL;DR: Politcial Climate Change... you can believe in. o.o;

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Without question all of the above. I just hope we survive the rest of his term, and we don't have, if possible, Worse, :balk2:

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