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Parents irate after students told to sing Muslim tune - Fight Song

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Parents irate after students told to sing Muslim tune


Read the full article in the link above


Parents at a California middle school are demanding to know why a teacher had students sing an Islamic “fight song.”

A seventh-grade teacher at Spring View Middle School in Huntington Beach, California, deviated from the district’s official curriculum and had students sing “This Is My Fight Song.” Parent and grandparent Nichole Negron and Susan Negron told KCAL 9 Los Angeles their seventh grader was told to participate in the activity.

“I believe that by singing the song, the children feel comfortable that maybe Allahu is the only god and maybe that they should start following him,” Susan Negron told the network Tuesday. “I’m not OK with that.”

The women only found out about the activity by accident when Negron’s son brought a pamphlet with lyrics home.

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Good grief, this is just getting ridiculous. Why do these libs not see how much they are being Used by these disgusting lunatics? Once again I guess it's the mindset that really got rolling in my life, that "If it's anything the Christian 'right' doesn't like, it must be wonderful, so let's shove it down their & their children's throats.


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That's seriously F'd up. You don't want anything Christian in school, that does not make it ok to shove Islam down a kids throat? No! It's the Devils teaching and not one of "peace" as much as Obozo or Hillary want to lie about it. Heck she just said that Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism.... Right and I have ocean front property in the desert to sell you, you c**ts(hate that word hence the stars, but it really does fit those two). The koran specifically states convert or die, how is that peaceful? Yes there are some good ones out there but still your not forcing that ideology on me or my kids. 

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