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The Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus announced its new “Transgender Task Force” to promote “transgender rights.”

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 Cinnamon    14,548

The new task force, made up of nine members of the House of Representatives, wants to advance the transgender community using congressional resources.

“The purpose of the task force is to analyze the challenges and barriers and figure out what the government’s role is in making life easier for transgenders,” Roddy Flynn, the executive director of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus told The Christian Science Monitor. “We need much more data about these barriers to the American dream.”

And LGBT Equality Caucus Co-Chair Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colo.) lamented that transgendered people are often “left out” of LGBT campaigns.

“We all celebrate the great strides we’ve made in recent years in the LGBT rights movement, but too many times, the ‘T’ in LGBT has been an afterthought,” he told reporters Tuesday.



 I started to put a comment here, but I ended up shouting in all caps! Sick of special interest groups that cost me more in taxes. We all have the same rights! We are created equal. When in the hell did the government ever care if your life could be made "easier"? :protest:

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 rbear    240

I think this is the task force of males with penises who have had breast augmentation and possible facial work done to present themselves as women, while dressing as dudes and having mustaches while wearing bras and having large breast. 

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1 hour ago, YourMom2 said:

Congress gets blasted for taking so much time off yet when they are supposedly on the job they come up with stupid crap like this.

Maybe the american people should send career politicains on a perminate vaccation.

By that I mean, fire them. No need to shoot.

Unless thier hands arn't up.

>.> What's good for geese or something.

Sidebar, if ya wanna quit getting loophole fucked by politicains, stop hiring lawyers. Not just for office, mind you. Just stop hiring lawyers all together. Time to starve those two faced rat bastards out and the judges they suck behind closed doors. Most all of which are, you guessed it, former lawyers.

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 WhiteHorse    490

What we need is an Idiot Reduction Task Force, oh wait, the idiots would be in charge of that also. 


Number one, it's official, now we can never return to earth, they are passing laws that makes it illegal to be male or female, if your born that way.     :picard-facepalm:


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what do you expect when you have a gay president and tranny wife in the white house?

shortly after she says this she dies ironically from throat complications....imo assassinated.


obama accidentally calls his wife michael


Edited by daersoulkeeper

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