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Dare I bring up the truth about 'American Sniper'?

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 There has been much controversy over this film. If you allow Hellywood propaganda to control your emotions, you only sink further into the 'matrix'.

Chris Kyle was certainly no hero, and his death was not what it seemed. The second link may really hit some nerves.



Dont hate the messenger, hate the conspiracy. Peace out, Paul.

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I didn't watch that movie nor will I.
I can smell propaganda all over it.

That second link... wow, I don't want to believe it but could very well be true.
I've wondered if some of the former Blackwater mercenaries have been hired by the police force.
Could that be one of the reason we've seen so much police brutality lately?

Four Blackwater guards sentenced in Iraq shootings of 31 unarmed civilians

A federal judge Monday sentenced a former Blackwater Worldwide security guard to life in prison and three others to 30-year terms for killing 14 unarmed civilians in a Baghdad traffic circle in 2007, an incident that fomented deep resentments about the accountability of American security forces during one of the bloodiest periods of the Iraq war.

U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth of the District rejected a claim of innocence by Nicholas A. Slatten, 31, of Sparta, Tenn., who received the life sentence after being convicted of murder in October for firing what prosecutors said were the first shots in the civilian massacre.

The three others — Paul A. Slough, 35, of Keller, Tex.; Evan S. Liberty, 32, of Rochester, N.H.; and Dustin L. Heard, 33, of Maryville, Tenn. — were sentenced to 30 years plus one day after being convicted of multiple counts of manslaughter and attempted manslaughter.

All the defendants vowed to appeal what one called a “perversion of justice,” saying they fired in self-defense in a war zone and a city that was then one of the world’s most dangerous places.

Lamberth, a Ronald Reagan appointee and former Army captain, said the defendants, all U.S. military veterans, “appear overall to be good young men who have never been in trouble,” but commended the U.S. government for “finding and exposing the truth of what happened in Nisour Square” on Sept. 16, 2007.


If the police were openly told to shoot looters it makes sense that the military would too.

After Katrina, New Orleans Cops Were Told They Could Shoot Looters

This story was originally published on Aug. 24, 2010 and was co-published with The New Orleans Times-Picayune.

In the chaotic days after Hurricane Katrina, an order circulated among New Orleans police authorizing officers to shoot looters, according to present and former members of the department.

It's not clear how broadly the order was communicated. Some officers who heard it say they refused to carry it out. Others say they understood it as a fundamental change in the standards on deadly force, which allow police to fire only to protect themselves or others from what appears to be an imminent physical threat.

The accounts of orders to "shoot looters," "take back the city," or "do what you have to do" are fragmentary. It remains unclear who originated them or whether they were heard by any of the officers involved in shooting 11 civilians in the days after Katrina. Thus far, no officers implicated in shootings have used the order as an explanation for their actions. Only one of the people shot by police – Henry Glover – was allegedly stealing goods at the time he was shot.

Still, current and former officers said the police orders – taken together with tough talk from top public officials broadcast over the airwaves -- contributed to an atmosphere of confusion about how much force could be used to combat looting.

In one instance captured on a grainy videotape shot by a member of the force, a police captain relayed the instructions at morning roll call to cops preparing for the day's patrols.

"We have authority by martial law to shoot looters," Captain James Scott told a few dozen officers in a portion of the tape viewed by reporters. Scott, then the commander of the 1st district, is now captain of the special operations division.

Another police captain, Harry Mendoza, told federal prosecutors last month that he was ordered by Warren Riley, then the department's second-in-command, to "take the city back and shoot looters." A lieutenant who worked for Mendoza, Mike Cahn III, said he remembered the scene similarly and would testify about it under oath if asked.



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Astro had a similar thread at dj,  but we all agreed then about this being a propaganda piece,  your in good company here PP.  

I believe i posted something about Stan Deyo and how they almost worship the guy on his website.   

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There is also a connection btween Kyle, Blackwater and the staged Boston 'event' as well. As I said, theres more to his murder.

I.S.I.S. is another story in itself, not the Islamist group, but an Amerikan merc group.

Dare we speak of these things?

starting to feel the love here, y'all. True fellowship, hope it lasts......

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