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Sonic Weapons & Resonance

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There use to be really cool videos on this subject a few years back but most of the information has long since been suppressed. This is one topic they do not want the public knowing about just yet.


Sonic Weapons

These weapons produce both psychological and physical effects. They include highly directional devices which can transmit painful audible sound into an individual’s ear at great distances and infrasonic generators which can shoot acoustic projectiles hundreds of meters causing a blunt impact upon a target.

Infrasonic generators can cause negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, or depression, as well as biological symptoms like nausea, vomiting, organ damage, burns, or death—depending on the frequency and power level. Most of these weapons function between the frequency range of about 1 Hz to 30 kHz. These frequencies occur within the following waves: Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) 1 Hz to 30 Hz, Super Low Frequency (SLF) 30 Hz to 300 Hz, Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) 300 Hz to 3 kHz, and Very Low Frequency (VLF) 3 kHz to 30 kHz.1



All of the chemical reactions in the cells of living organisms are caused by the electromagnetic oscillations, pulsations, and vibrations, which are collectively referred to as vibrational frequencies. All physical matter is vibrating at its own vibrational frequency.

Resonance can be induced electromagnetically by an infrasonic pulse generator, which can establish a link, for instance, to a person’s inner organs by resonating it in their chest area. Once this connection occurs, the power level of the generator can be increased, which would automatically transfer the energy to the person. If the power level is moderate, the person may experience pain in the chest area, or their organs may vibrate. Increasing the power level will destroy their organs.

Read more http://www.newworldwar.org/sw.htm

Resonance can also be used to move water. At varying frequency's a droplet of water under a microscope will change it's shape. Once you reach the frequency that humans vibrate at the drop of water will resemble a human face.

Using resonance one could also create waves in a pool. With enough power it would even be possible to create a tsunami.

Here is an example of resonance.


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The classic example I use of sympathetic resonance is the "Tuning Fork Trick"  Two identical tuning forks are used. One is set ringing and placed near the other oen which starts ringing also even though not struck. This is how radios work when they "tune in" to specific frequencies.


Everything has a natural resonant frequency. If you can hit that frequency you can set it vibrating. Rife used this principal to cure cancer and diseases without harming the rest of the cells or body. After 6 months it was banned (because it was going to cause Rockefeller Pharmaceuticals to be obsolete) and any Doctor caught using a Rife Machine (modern Rife Machines do not work like Raymond Rife's machine did.) had their medical licence revoked. Rife drank himself to death knowing he had cured cancer and a host of common diseases only to have it banned. He also invented a powerful optical microscope to use in his initial work of detecting which cells resonated on what frequencies.


I am of the opinion our brains also use to tuning fork trick like an aerial to tune into the frequencies of reality that we perceive. Not only can we "channel" those frequencies by use of the resonating chambers in our brains and that of the fine electromagnetic fields generated in our bodies (the unbalanced output of those are displayed on the outside of the body) we can project them and pattern them (like FM radio) to create effects within reality as we know it.


I know energy workers who do healings. They tell me they conduct the energy through their bodies into the host to "rebalance" and "re-energize" to deficient areas in the unwell persons body and electromagnetic fields. They told me they always work barefoot, they "ground" themselves afterwards (running water works a treat for this) to make sure they don't pick up excess or unbalanced energy. They also told me all they do is conduct the energy of the universe through the person seeking healing and not to take on that energy yourself as you will often take on the sickness of the person you are healing.


As Musician we know of Sympathetic resonance at performances and venues. Some notes make the snare drum ring and some venues have reflective frequencies that cause feedback and have to be taken down on the EQ to reduce or eliminate this. At some venues the some bass notes make the 4 by 2's shake like the alleged Tesla weapon.


By continually hitting the same resonant frequency in an object the amplitude can be increased until bonds are released just as it done by use of heat in releasing bonding in some chemical bonds.

Those same weapons mentioned are sonic. They can also be electromagnetic with the purpose of interfering with brain function. Wireless networks and cell networks seem to be pretty close to those critical frequencies. Not to mention the 50Hz electricity grid and 60Hz electricity grids and the harmonic vibrations caused from the fundamental vibrations we have live under all out lives.

As you see in the above vid on resonance by changing frequency different effects are caused. A neat trick. Our brains also use different frequencies to change "switching" operations from one mode to another within the same system.

Tesla told people to understand the universe one had to think in terms of energy, frequency and resonance.


You are bang on about the science being suppressed. There are many reasons. I am writing a long article about it. Once understood you realize you can apply it to produce effects like levitation and so called "psychic abilities" using our bodies natural "hall effect" detectors.

The Hutchinson effect is also produced by these electromagnetic fields overlaying each other to produce finer "beat notes" or "virtual vibrations" down toward the level of fundamental reality causing solid objects to be able to be merged together without producing more volume in the same space.

We use this effect in industrial applications such as ultrasonic welders to seal plastic materials together without igniting or degrading the contents.


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