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A Hundred Years

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 Maverick    1

How long is 100 years ?

Well Its :

Between 15 to 25 % longer than you should expect to live at the time that you are born.

Long enough to technologically go from the year 1900, to the year 2000.

Long enough to from stone cold, blatent racial segregation with no end in sight, and women not being allowed to vote in most countries on earth, to the modern society we know today, with women and Black presidents and prime ministers around the world.

Long enough, unfortunately... to go from an urbanization that is the center of our industrial and technological power, to an urbanization that is on average the poorest region of any state, with the highest crime, and the lowest literacy, and the highest unemployment.

Long enough for an American south (who hemmed and hawed all the way) to go from a destitute, utterly defeated people.... to having medium sized cities, and well developed suburbs and small towns and public transportation and industry... despite its continued shortcomings.

Long enough to go literally, from horses and buggies... to cars that will likely never breakdown without at least a half a million miles on it, all while getting at least 16 miles to the gallon, and that's a gas guzzler.. very thirsty engine... but the trade off is that you get more power if you need it.

Long enough to go from the last of the sailing age with ships that are just newly made of iron, to modern luxury cruise liners the size of cities and guided missile cruisers and submarines and aircraft carriers with their own Zip Codes.

Long enough to go from wood and canvas biplanes powered by a very small, elementary propeller engine.... to the space shuttle, to unmanned space rockets.

Long enough to go from an era where the everyday attire on the street went from pretty formal dress clothes that are today commonplace in serious offices handling big business, to the clothes that we wear today everyday.

Long enough to go from a society based on religion, with the educated class having only rudimentary knowledge of the earth's history that isn't even developed yet, to an average citizen on the street, who can tell you nearly every pre historical animal that ever existed, and tell you when they existed and what the time period is known as, in the field of Geology.. who don't believe in god at all.


That's how long 100 years truly is.


100 years ago was the last time that the average American could have many friends in France, and the last time that the USA was respected by the French media.

Why won't France treat us well today as a friend again ?

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