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The Prayer

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 rezz    22

Obviously in the past week there has been an escalation in tensions all around the world.

It is obvious the elite are running out of time. This is the reasoning behind them promoting fear in the media, they are trying so hard to provoke violence amongst the populations of the nations.

Some are calling for revolution. However revolution is merely a trap, Jade Helm was training for such a revolution so they are prepared for a revolution. There is only one option left in my opinion. And that option is to pray!

Even those who laugh at religion your prayers can only be helpful and you have nothing to lose.

Now let me share an example of how prayer will work miracles.

My wife was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in September 2008. By February 2009 she was day's away from death. We went to our church and everyone prayed for her. Within 2 weeks time she was walking again, her pain was significantly reduced and she looked like she did before she had been diagnosed with cancer. Her doctor had given her a prognosis in February and once he saw her standing in front of him weeks later healthy he lost all of his color. He was speechless!

I was already a believer in prayer but this specific event was the most amazing by far. Proving nothing is impossible to overcome, not even death.

I would love to see those who sow seeds of division brought to justice. But that will not happen without divine intervention. If enough people pray tonight after reading this who know's maybe tomorrow we wake up in a world we had only dreamed of before. The more people involved the better the outcome so pass this along to anyone and everyone!


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 WhiteHorse    608

Amen Rezz, 

im glad to hear your testimony and the healing power of God revealed through it. 

God is a just judge, I believe the only power the illunatics have is that God is using them to both wake up and punish a sinful generation, the last I believe. The separation of the sheep and goats. Although things are bad, my soul is peaceful. The saving knowledge and power of Christ is a stumbling block to those who reject it. These endtimes events are coming to pass, for example the destruction of Damascus and the land along the river, in Ezekiel it says, the sheep will graze where the cities once stood and no one will be there to chase them away. I'm like you if enough people would humbly pray then God would heal our land. But there is only a remnant of us left, those who choose the narrow path. The  majority of the U.S. has chose evil over good, along with the rest of the world. I don't fear the illunatics, they can only destroy my body, I fear the one who has the power to destroy the soul, only God can do this. 

Peace be to you brother, in these times of trouble like has never been upon the face of the earth. 

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