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Guitar Doc

Will the Western nations Bomb Turkey?

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 Guitar Doc    1,572

Turkey has been fingered for funding ISIS by purchasing their captured oil. While at the G20 in Turkey itself Putin shamed the USA into finally bombing the convoys which had been bringing Oil into Turkey. These Oil convoys have been known of for at least 14 months from reading Media reports on Google.


Turkey is the only nation in charge of the Turkish Border. There is no other nation involved in policing Turkey's border but Turkey. Given the outrage of the French terror attacks why has Turkey not been held to account?

Pictures of convoys of captured Syrian Oil under the control of ISIS have been shown. The USA and Five-eyes nations cannot say they didn't have this intel, they have had it for over 14 months. By doing nothing they have also supported terrorism. By not demanding Turkey stop this they have supported ISIS and by extension Islamic terrorism. They haven't taken the Turkish government off to Guantanamo Bay nor the people purchasing the ISIS supplied Oil. This seems to be counter to previous stated US policies regarding terrorism.

At the very least they should have demanded economic sanctions on Turkey. Had that happened a different Turkish government would be in power right now.


France has been bombing ISIS targets in Syria, should they have not been bombing targets in Turkey?

If you don't take out those supporting ISIS economically when you have the chance you are just fuelling the terrorists.


Does no-one find it highly suspicious that not one of the nations claiming to be fighting against Islamic terrorism have chosen to nip in the bud the people massively contributing to ISIS when they had the chance and knowledge?

Intel on the ground can pin point the exact people involved. Their funds can be seized and they can be detained. Yet despite the knowledge of these vast convoys of Oil from ISIS controlled Oil refineries which is funding ISIS nothing has been done. This flies in the face of all US claims to be fighting ISIS and stamping out terrorism. What we see clearly is the western nations previous to being outed two days ago knew yet refused to stop the massive funding of ISIS through oil sales.  Turkey refused to stop the influx also showing clearly they were also supporting ISIS.

France has just paid the price for her NATO allies wilful blindness. Will France take action against Turkey?

Do the French people even know what their government has been turning a blind eye to?



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