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The Enemy Of The Enemies

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 WhiteHorse    490

The Enemy Of The Enemies 




I cannot understand the logic behind two enemies fighting a mutual third enemy. And two enemies exchanging intelligence that could potentially be used for exposing a weakness in their strategy against one another. Just a matter of time with as many taking part in the destruction of Syria that a full blown all out war will erupt involving the entire planet. That must be the end game, an all out war. There is no logic to any of this mess. Absolutely no benefit to it, only mass suffering and destruction. And yet it seems all participants are oblivious to the carnage and continue it's path of destruction. Absolute evil behind all of it blinding the fools with no conscience. 







Terror intel exchanges between US, Russia need to be enhanced – CIA director



The US and Russia have been exchanging information in the fight against terror, and such exchanges need to be enhanced, CIA director John Brennan said while speaking at the Center for Strategic & International Studies on Monday.



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