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Political author Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks with RT International

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For those who prefer to read or have data limits I grabbed a transcript and cleaned the worst of the machine garble - sorry for the lack of formating.

Let's now talk to political journalist and author Gordo Coleman who joins us from Paris this evening,
thanks very much for joining us again on RT International. You're in the French capital what's the mood and atmosphere
in the city right now?
We're being told that there's a state of war and a state of emergency, this we've had this before,
we had this in January and for several weeks we had non stop sirens and
non-stop chatter on the radio about the threat from radical Islam and terrorist
groups and so on and so we're having a kind of a replay of that but it has been
I think accentuated and we're going to have an intensification of the media
campaign which is essentially a propaganda campaign to make
people in France fear muslims we need to be clear about the origin of the war on
terror. The war on terror is I quote orchestrated from abroad these are the words Hollande used to describe
this terrorist attack, well the attacks that have been
continuing to destroy Syria, to massacreits population, have also been
orchestrated from abroad, the war orchestrated by nato and they've been
carrying these attacks out against the civilian population of Syria for four
years now and this is a terrorist campaign that is also orchestrated from
abroad and people in Europe need to understand that there is a war that is
becoming global that is being waged against civilian populations in
particular, it is a form of new imperialism, new colonialism which aims to divide and
conquer European, Middle Eastern and African and the world's population for
that matter and to to make them submit to a global order that does not serve
the interests of most of the people on this planet but that does serve the
interests of a very few ruling elite, a very small tiny and
particularly tyrannical ruling elite. There is no war on terror, there is a war
that is being waged using proxy groups, terrorist proxy groups and they are
being used against nation states who are resisting US and Israeli hegemony and they are
also being used as a means of disciplining their work forces in europe,
in a period of mass unemployment and austerity you now have a terrorist
attacks being committed by terrorists funded armed and trained by Western
intelligence agencies. There is no such thing as Isis. Isis is a creation of the
United States we know that from official sources of the US military themselves, declassified
documents from the Defense Intelligence Agency have confirmed that. And now the French government is now attempting to drum up support for more
military intervention in Syria and what they want to do is they want to get in
on the game, the game is almost lost, the russians have routed much of the
Islamic State, you now have islamic state militants coming into europe disguised as refugees that will
destabilize Central Europe and the French government wants to to to get in
on the game is syria and prop up those so-called moderate rebels. There are no
moderate rebels of course in Syria there are al-qaida and Isis militants,
terrorists who have been beheading people, eviscerating people, absolutely creating chaos and genocide
right across the region when this does not serve, this does not serve the Syrian
people or anyone but Western corporate elites and there's your political interests.

What do you expect France to do now in the light not only of Friday's terrorism but 10
months on from Charlie Hebdo, it's not going to ease up on what it's doing
No, look, much depends on how the French public will react whether they, if
they will, we are being bombarded now with the media propaganda campaign is
this non-stop talk, fear where we're told not to go out in the street, we're supposed to be
fearfull and keep quiet and so on. I think there is going to be a campaign
against dissidents in France, they're very worried about the new media that has
emerged in recent years and they are very worried about the alternative media
so I think there you will see, I, we saw this actually after the attacks in
January, you will see a conflation of terrorism and dissidents so one of the
tools which the media, the mass media users to discredit any kind of rational
questioning of the established order and particularly the war on terrorism is to
deride those who would question the war on terrorism as conspiracy theorists and
I think you're going to see a crackdown on so-called conspiracy theorist and
websites that actually publish rational and honest analysis of what is happening,
so you're going to see more of that type of intellectual terrorism which is
already at boiling point in France. I mean it's got to the point now where
you have professors at universities who are being
intimidated you have school teachers are basically been fired for even suggesting
that there may be a link between French imperialism and terrorism, there was one
case recently for example of a school teacher who almost like he's lost his
job when he suggested there might be a link between french foreign policy and
terrorism, so you we are going through a period of deep intellectual terrorism
and of course these these random terrorism acts which are a form of low
intensity Civil War. I think that the current crisis, the refugee crisis which
is really a form of coercive engineered migration because they could have easily
been prevented, this form of coercive engineered migration is going to make
this a lot worse and it is going to create the conditions of civil war, it is
a natural consequence of course of globalization, of financial capitalism
this is essentially what it leads to i mean it leads to a breakdown of society
and the only way in which they can kind of keep everybody down is by policy of
divide and conquer so you're going to see situation where you've got a very
much a wahabised working class in France, they're being wahabised by the allies of
the French political elite, the Saudis and Qataris they're building Wahabite
mosques all over the place, that is going to wahabise the youth and they're going
to be then used as pawns if you like in much bigger geopolitical wars, wars proxy
wars against Russia, proxy wars against Iran in the middle east and so on
and that is going to create massive social unrest is going to divide working
people against each other and the only people are going to actually benefit
from this are the war contractors, the military-industrial media
intelligence complex, so whatever way you look at this I don't know who exactly
did commit this attack, this atrocity but the real people who are responsible
whether directly or indirectly or consciously or unconsciously is the
French government because they have been complicit in terrorism in the Middle East
and all over Africa and that needs to be understood and if we don't understand that
this is going to continue and it's going to deteriorate and we will find ourselves in the situation of martial law if this continues.
It really needs to be analyzed and understood.
Can I pick you up on the issue of migrants and refugees because
one of the terrorists appears to have been a French citizen and other recent
migrant to the country, what do you think this will do to France's policies
towards the migrant crisis?
Well I think there is sufficient evidence to suggest
strongly in fact that the current crisis, the migration
crisis or something that is on going and there are different waves, you've got
different waves coming up from Libya, got the ones coming up from Syria
up to the balkans, but the current kind of refugee crisis as it were is what I would have referred to as engineered
migration, this is a term used by kelly green who's a US academic, wrote an interesting
book on this, whereby she shows that migration can be used as a tool by
one state to destabilize another state, in this case it's definitely being used
by the United States and Turkey to destabilize the balkans, mid europe, that would be hungry and of course
Germany and the reason the geostrategic reasons are basically go back to
classical geopolitics, dividing the world island, that is to say you divide the Arabian Peninsula from
the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, you create an inter Miriam there so that
prevent German and Russian unity and that is why Germany essentially is being kind of overrun with people who are
themselves victims of globalization but they are now being instrumentalised and
used as weapons of globalization and this is one of the key contemporary
strategies of USA imperialism and you use the consequences of globalization as
further tools to further globalization and I think there is not going to be
there is no policy in Europe to control immigration or anything like
that I think that the key question here is not actually controlling immigration, the
question is stopping this geopolitical destabilization of europe and some
countries are attempting to do that hungary is attempting to do to that
Bulgaria's attempting to a certain extent to do that in other words trying
to find out who's an actual refugee and who isn't, their prioritising women and
children for example in Hungary, that's a rational approach but of course Viktor
Orban of Hungary's being demonized by the European Union for his insistence on
implementing the laws of the European Union and of the Hungarian nation state.
Here you're you're in a situation where the French government is totally
subordinate to US dictates, this is a country that has been completely taken
over by US imperialism and France doesn't really have a foreign
policy it does what washington tells it to do.

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