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French firm proposes 'submarine river' to beat California drought

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They are proposing taking water from the mouth of the Klamath and Eel Rivers in Washington state and transporting it to California, this water flows out into the ocean and wouldn't affect users who are upstream. Cost is half of desalination. Anyone see a downside to this? Other than those who want all Californians to die and fall off into the ocean? 

George Warren, KXTV-Sacramento 8:40 a.m. EDT April 29, 2015

SACRAMENTO—A French engineering and construction firm is proposing a flexible undersea pipeline to carry water from two Northern California rivers to cities farther down the coast.

Via Marina, a subsidiary of the giant multinational company Vinci, has provided a "prefeasibility" study to the California Department of Water Resources suggesting water could be drawn from the mouth of the Klamath and Eel rivers and carried south in a series of 12-foot diameter tubes anchored by ballast to the sea floor.

Via Marina chairman Felix Bogliolo said the project would largely eliminate environmental concerns because fresh water would be collected just prior to it flowing into the ocean.

"You can use this water and because by definition you are at the mouth of the river, all of the users upstream are not jeopardized," Bogliolo said.

Via Marina is currently in negotiations in Chile to build a similar submarine river to carry water from a wet area in the south of the country along the Pacific coast to a desert area in the north.


USA Today


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based on the chemtrailing that appears be stopping the rain, it seems plausible that this drought is engineered

if so, then they won't be looking to solve it with logical means

otherwise, they would have built many more reservoirs already...



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It's a great idea but the government seems to ignore sensible solutions for some reason.
Not cost effective, need more research, blah, blah, blah...

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