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Guitar Doc

The Dark Arts of Suggestion

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The Dark Arts of Suggestion




What we personally believe is Suggestions accepted.


We can't hold all of our knowledge in our consciousness at once, in fact we can only hold 7-8 concepts or ideas in our working and thinking consciousness at once. This area of the mind is like RAM in a computer. We can manipulate ideas and concepts in this part of the mind. It is the “thinking” part of our minds. It works fast processing wise because of it's limit on how much it can hold at once.


The Human brain operates at around 3 trillion (3 Trigahertz) operations per second and under stress it can function much higher. [The “flicker” rate of reality around us is thought to be around 5 trillion oscillations per-second] It is a dual processor with the ability to use specific areas for dedicated processes. Some parts of the brain are used for specific functions. By ignoring other functions briefly those parts can operate more efficiently. The more functions operating at once the more processor power required from the whole.


Using different modes of frequency the brain can “ignore” other processes and do other functions more efficiently. We know of these frequency shifts or “rails” of processor operation by their current designations of :

Delta 0.5-4Hz

Theta 4-8Hz

Alpha 8-13Hz

Beta 13-30Hz

Gamma 30-60Hz

There is some minor dispute between where Beta ends and Gamma starts as well as low and high theta and few more designations, but you see the point. As the brain shifts frequencies of processing it allows specific functions to be engaged while putting other functions on “rationed” use of the main processing power.


In conjunction with these functions the brain uses various centres to complete operations with specific tasks. Then we have our conscious perception, the 8-bit RAM if you like which might only be virtual RAM so it also requires processing power off the main processing stack.


Our perception of reality around us is an artful editing job which makes it appear seamless. Because of this editing job, in which seemingly irrelevant information is ignored to stop sensory overload, our conscious perception is set back approximately 0.23 seconds from when events actually occur.


You will note I am using a lot of computer terms in these descriptions. The reason is the more we understand the inner workings of the human brain the more it resembles a computer and programming.


Our Front End consciousness ties up a lot of processing power as data is converted into manipulatable data and “thinking” can occur. The rest of the brain uses different coding (different data format) for fast accessing and quick referencing. This information is stored in our subconscious repository of all information and to make searching of data faster it is prioritised in several “data trees” . Basically what you like, what you don't like and what functions you use the most often.


You don't have to think how to walk or talk. These are stored data which are acted on unless consciously engaged (slower processing). The Subconscious register doesn't think as such. It is more like a calculating machine which executes programs. It also has various “controller” programs which control operations to reduce conflicts which might cause you to “crash” and have to reboot.

The subconscious is where all the switches and levers which make things happen is located.


Because of this way the subconscious works without thinking there are various “mind hacks” that can be performed on it. These are well known to the Public Relations and Adversing industries. (more on those later)


When you perform a task it is done by a series of neurons firing in sequence, more that 8 at one time so we can't keep all these in our conscious register. What happens is we create a new program folder and it is labelled internally identifying it's purpose to the subconscious register. When you are perfecting a task or action you try different functions by firing all those neuron chains. Every time you are “better” at the task or action the new program is stored to be used/executed later.


We don't have to think how to do these “learned” operations, we just execute the program. Studies have shown it takes 10,000 hours of practise to perfect anything to the point of being “World Class” at it. The point where you can no longer improve your task or chain of actions any further.


When we are learning to drive a vehicle we are learning which takes a lot of intensely focused processing. After many hours of perfecting these actions it becomes “unconscious”. Studies have shown long time drivers only spend about 15 minutes of every hour of driving being fully conscious while the rest is drawing on learned programming (faster acting requiring less processor drag).



What we see in all this is we have Hardware and Software. To complete the hardware picture the brain is also influenced and uses chemicals to improve/enhance function in specific areas of operation. What we see in this is adaptations to not really having enough processor power for our all requirements. Instead it is broken down into task modules to allow the processing power we do have to go around without a “crash” occurring.


Hardware hacks are drugs. They can influence activity at specific parts of the brain, or “numb” them. Some drugs allow increases in lateral thinking or just enhanced processing capability, the so called “Smart drugs” which have become standard in the offices of elite corporations.


To finish off the picture before I move on to software I will illustrate how we learn things and the effect of observing instead of executing learned programmes.


Ice Skating is a difficult sport. It requires fine motor skill, memory, powerful coordinated muscular action as well as spacial awareness. In learning a new routine a person cannot possibly learn it all at once. Instead it is broken down into smaller parts which are learned them assembled together as one when all parts are learned correct (Musicians who learn songs by memory rather than reading music also use this process).


If you observe Ice-skaters during competition you will see once they make a mistake they rarely perform the rest of the routine accurately. What happens is once a mistake is made instead of executing the learned program the brain splits processing power as it reverts mode to learning/improving rather than program execution. While it is observing and correcting the processing power is decreased. In doing so because full processing power is diminished “timing” is affected and the performer will often make more mistakes because their timing is off by the proportion of extra processing power being diverted to observation and correction.






End Part 1



The rest of our functions are that of data and programming and the subconscious register's “efficiency” and “corrector” programs. Some of these programs seek to increase efficiency of processing on the fly.


Pavlov discovered this in his “knee reflex” tests. Strike a person's knee jerk reflex three times and on the forth time mimic striking it but stop just short of striking the spot and a person's knee will jerk even though not struck. (three times is the charm!) To obtain higher processor efficiency the brain “anticipates” the actions and reacts. This seems to be related to our perception of reality around us.


We are perceiving a mass of electromagnetic fields and waves. There is no colour, that is an invention of the brain to differentiate between different frequencies of visible light (visible to us).

If we were to observe everything around us the processor would get bogged down (and perhaps why we don't perceiver higher wavelengths and dimensions as it is beyond our ability to process with such limited processing and hardware) so it only pays observation to any stimuli that reoccurs over an over.


Some waves and fields are just passing through and don't repeat again. Others are constantly repeating on the same point. The brain doesn't dedicate processing power to consciously observing anything which doesn't occur at least three times in a row. Until this occurs it simply isn't deemed relevant as an interaction worth of giving up precious processing power to observe.


There is a wealth of information in the form of electromagnetic vibrations occurring around us constantly that we simply don't observe or it gets edited out as “not important enough” to the consciousness. Instead we are focused on the things which affect us most.



Language as Programming data sets


This is where it starts to get interesting and we delve the ability to create “hacks” using programming language.


All learned information is stored in the brain (in your repository of all known information) as Accepted Information or Accepted Suggestions. Some are stored as “correct” data and others are stored as “False” but known data. All of these data points are stored in a fast indexing format which is “decompressed” when entered into our consciousness or RAM if you like.


When we learn something we think is important or some thing used regularly it is prioritised up the data tree to make it faster to find and retrieve or execute.


Language is learnt (learned for US citizens). It is introduced and a fabrication. It is not a naturally occurring phenomenon and it has been created. You are taught language, what it means, how it is to be correctly applied. These concepts attached to symbols and written language are recorded within your repository of all known information and given a high rank priority in search status and often executed programs.


You don't need to think to know what words mean, it is one of those automatic programs, the same as walking and talking. You don't need to think about how to say words, all you need to think about is what to say and perhaps how to say it. Words have power over us because they are programmed into our data comprehension area.


It is a neat trick, to introduce a separate programming language in addition to the standard “look and see” format. It allows more information to be conveyed but more importantly more sophisticated methods of thinking and data interpretation. English gives use of lateral programming as well us linear programming function. Words can have two meanings in English, this can be played on to introduce programming recognition based on lateral thinking function. The Double Entendre (meaning to hear but to also understand) is an example of this. Also we have words which sound the same but are spelled differently having different meanings. Much comedy can arise from this. ( I don't speak other languages so I can make no assessments on them)


Because we associate language with automatic cognitive function it is the source of many “hacks”.


The ability to believe incorrect information as correct, is a hack.


At this juncture it is important to recognize we are a collection of programs, some assumed and others inserted. What we believe once believed becomes trusted data and is often tagged “permanent” data not to be overwritten. This is to stop contrary programming from causing processing lock-ups.


By disagreeing with someone we will almost never be able to convert them to our mental position studies have found. Instead by agreeing with them (even we don't really agree) we open them up for persuasion. This is a function of the mind which is supposed to stop contrary information being written which causes conflicts. We block out contrary opinions to protect our programming.


Once a belief becomes locked in it is tagged “truth”, whether it is or isn't is irrelevant and the individual will believe this is the truth and defend it. There is no difference between a person's belief like/dislike in anything and the deep religious belief of the most devout follower of any religion. The same amount of internal tagging and prioritising is put to backing each belief once accepted and reinforced. Both will defend their opinion with equal mental opposition if challenged. Just try challenging a person's political affiliation if you doubt me. The football team they support, their taste in décor. Whether 9/11 was an inside job. Once again we block out contrary opinions to protect our programming.



Because we recognize language and it's usage at the automatic level we can have it convey information over distance and at a glance.




Unconscious acceptance of suggestions by repetition


We are programmed to pay more attention to repeating patterns. Repeating something as few as three times in rapid succession causes automatic response programs to kick in. The use of anticipation to gain an advantage as a automatic learning program.

"Coke Adds LifeReally? Well of course it does. I have been told it over and over until it no longer matter what I consciously think, my non-thinking computing subconscious knows for a fact Coke adds life. There is a whole collection of garbage down there that gets executed regularly without me knowing it. The choices you make when you aren't really thinking about what you are doing.


[We aren't really the person we think we are. That would take up far too much processing power. Instead we are a collection of programming. A bunch of affectations we made because we thought people would like us more if we were like this. Talk to people in regional Great Britain. Yeah, they all talk different don't they. If they didn't talk like that the rest of the group might like them less. You get the idea. We don't notice automatic functions if we are not paying attention to ourselves.]


Advertising is the summation of the field of psychology associated with human behaviour and response. They know all the tricks, some of them authored the study papers from the research projects before graduating to advertising and PR to apply it more directly.


Simply if you repeat something over and over, (more effectively with “intent” and positive emotion behind it) it will overwrite the previous programming slot or create a high prioritised one. If you were not actively resisting unwanted suggestions then your drawbridge was down and you got invaded.




Corrector/conformer program


This insidious character rules your life. Some call it the Ego. It seeks control over all things you do in public. It is plugged into you physiological response, it can release chemicals into the brain to make you feel happy or sad. It has trained you from birth to conform to make sure your programming doesn't become errant from that of the rest of the group.


It seeks to exile “Dangerous” and “Rogue” programs from the main programming and generally anything else it thinks is not accepted or acceptable to the “group”. If you conform it will make you feel happy. In many ways it makes a person powerless to resist the will of the majority of the group. Another hack for advertisers (and the social programmers who own the media) who like to use this “everyone thinks this” style of manipulation. Directed to the Corrector program who then seeks to make the unit conform to the new behaviour pattern “everyone is doing”.


Insidious, isn't it. People don't know who runs their numbers. We think we are people, but we don't really have enough processing power to pull that off. We just simulate it using programs to lessen the processor drag. There are overarching programs within us and our system which once again are used to lessen processor drag and enable more to be sent to the Virtual RAM you think is your conscious mind.


If you were raised by racists then you were also programmed to be a racist, it would be “normal” to you.

If you were raised by Headhunters who preyed on people that would also be normal and you would be conformed to it.

If you were raised in the societies we are today you would think that was perfectly normal and appropriate.

If you were raised to bow to authority figures and obey laws at all times, then you would. That would be more binding on you the more people present….unless they were also united in “aberrant” programming or united nonconformity.


Hey, everyone is drinking Coke while dancing around smiling and laughing” I better get one too.



In some circles it is more sinister, people sitting around with guns discussing how they should get even with those infidels or the Hatfield's . For the newly inducted youngster such themes backed by such emotion would impossible to resist conforming to.




The seductive suggestions


The most effective suggestions are ones people are willing to accept without having to have it forced on them. These are the ones people defend until after blood is drawn.


USA #1.

This is the most potent programming suggestion I have ever encountered in my life. To the people of the USA is it seductive, you want to believe it because it empowers you and we all have an unconscious drive to be more powerful. When the US military commits to an illegal invasion of a nation to reclaim their associates Oil fields that just comes across in the USA of a demonstration USA is #1. “We blow shit up in other countries” If that isn't a direct display of power I don't know what is. What could further back up the affirmation USA is #1 to US people?


That is like the nuclear weapon of Suggestions. But most effective ones operate on the same level, a lie can be easily sold if it is packaged to advantage the target. Appealing to their Ego is easy as people's Ego's are not too bright and are highly susceptible to approval and flattery. BTW, that car would make you look like a God if you were driving it. More powerful than any other on the road. Would you like to own it?




Trance-like state



When we are using a lot of automatic functions it is easier to turn down the virtual RAM a bit and put the individual into a low perception mode to do the business without them having to think about it.


Watching TV does this, your brain has to enter several perceptual modes involving reading of high speed dots, dropping them down to 12-13 frames per second so it all looks smooth for the individual and then interpreting their meaning as well as listening and sequencing that up in the cognitive comprehension process.

You could think about it and make it happen but it is easier not to.


[How much of your life is automatic and you don't know it?]


In this mode we enter a light trance state. In this mental state the front-end RAM is turned down outwardly and a lot of internal processing is occurring. By turning down the cognitive awareness it also opens up the door for information to bypass the discretionary system of evaluation normally performed close to the conscious level of awareness.


When people drive a vehicle for many years they have perfected their driving programs. They are often only “fully conscious” for 15 minutes out of every 60. Their reactions and visual perception is enhanced making them a faster processing driver but their thinking, live decision making processes, are decreased. In this state of light trance they are susceptible to suggestions. Radio adversing makes use of this by the use of music which also induces light trance reactions in most individuals.


It is estimated that on any average day people in the western world are in a light trance state for 70% their conscious day. When they hear The News they don't even think to question it.




Hypnotism/hypnotic suggestion


The easiest way to explain this is to induce a trance state by any method which bypasses or even turns off the front-end virtual RAM allowing suggestions to be directly written in. A level of consciousness is required to convert the spoken word into the data format used by the subconscious.


There are a myriad of ways a trance state can be induced.


Suggestions can be made and accepted by the subject as long as they have high trust levels with the individual. People trust Doctors, Psychiatrists, Scientists, Professional People ie “Experts” and unfortunately their Media people. These people are able to make effective suggestions which stick without the use of trance-like states.


All good suggestions are short and to the point with no ambiguity about them. They have to be effectively phrased. A well placed hypnotic suggestion can override reason, logic and physical function. If you don't believe me, just trance-out in front of the TV for a while and watch the ridiculous advertising.




Unconscious drives


We have deep seated unconscious drives. And by unconscious I mean we are not consciously aware of them and how they drive programs to the top of the priority behaviours list. They are very much rooted in survival at the most base level.


The two strongest unconscious drives are the drive to be more powerful, and the drive to be sexual. Both are related to the continuation of the species. By being more powerful we have more control over our environment and thus further our chances of survival. By being sexual we are furthering our genetics and the species. These dominate our behaviour unconsciously and appeals to them are powerful influencers. Advertising once again uses them as staple fare.


In computer games the “level-up, power-up” function is the psychological driver in the addiction factor for gamers. To be better than everyone else in global formats also drives online gaming addictions.


People are able to satisfy their unconscious drive to be powerful in different formats from their physical attributes.

A Wimpy Car or a Powerful Car, which one would you choose if money was no object?

Old cell Phone or a new one? Which one gives you more perceived status? That is the one you will pick.




Traumatic suggestions



Under immense stress the brain releases a lot of chemicals to perform a hardware hack. As a result you are left in a state of mental shock. At this point you are very susceptible to suggestion as your brain has been recording all the events very deeply and they become deeply embedded. Post Traumatic Shock is the repeating of the actual events “in full motion” if you like without all the chemicals you were hyped up on that stopped you from being scared while it actually happened. Paradoxically it seems people are often more affected after committing murderous acts than while they were doing them or having someone try and do it to them.


Traumatic programming is historically well known and well used. It was how parents programmed their children for centuries. They would hit them to traumatise them, then they would utter the programming they wanted them to obey. Given repeated use it was effective programming. The Suggestions uttered embed deep.


When you were shown the Twin Towers falling and the Media kept saying OMG 3000 people just died” you were traumatised enough for a suggestion to be put in your head next that would stick in most cases “Terrorists did it” For most people they will never be able to believe anything different.


The Media does it regularly on the news. They show you something traumatic or emotionally provocative, the next story or the one after that is the crafted lie they want to you accept without thinking.


Feel sorry for the poor kid who got stood up in class and told by the teacher “You will never get anywhere in your life” in a humiliating fashion. That sort of suggestion is highly damaging for the individual. Such suggestions when lodged deep affect a persons ability to succeed at anything for the rest of their lives.


We are all the collection of many suggestions and programming. Sometimes despite systems in place we get detrimental and conflictive programming. These are quite correctable. People pay thousands of dollars to have them corrected and they become more successful and effective people as a result.


I would humbly suggest in the western world world most of us were given some pretty bad programming in schools where were we relegated to “subhuman” or student status and forced to submit to those above us or else. That is the sort of thing you do to create a subservient society of people who are afraid to stand up for themselves.




Judgement Centres


We have programming which allows us to think differently from just pure observable data. We are often forced to make judgements, sometimes with very little to go on. The “reptilian” brain does it on simple mathematical terms. When offered two apples, both which look in good condition, the reptilian judgement value system will always choose the bigger of the two. It is uncomplicated and therefore efficient processing. In stressful situations this is more likely to get used that the more complicated social values system.


The Social values system relates to how you think everyone else thinks and what they should or could think of you. Very much a herd mentality Ego thing. It uses abstract evaluations of which many are intangible.


In Auckland New Zealand two women walked into a café. One wanted a coffee and a small meal, the other with a baby did not but she wanted to stay with her friend while she did. The women with the baby asked for some hot water for her baby's milk formula and was told that would cost $1 for the hot water. She refused to pay.


This seemed pretty straightforward on the surface but it became a national talking point for two days which divided people evenly.

The Reptilian Judgement centre says you get what you give and vice versa so if you want hot water you pay what it cost.

The Social Value judgement centre says you give the women the hot water, it is for her baby. Depending on which one dominated the brain at the time of hearing the situation you got a different point of view.


Our Societal Judgements are creations. They are created by the projection of societies existing values. Very much conformist mentality stuff. But once suggestions are accepted they become truths whether they are truly logical or not.




Fear, Obligation, Guilt, F.O.G.


Emotions are hacks able to override the datasets or break normal programming.


People don't like fear. It makes them uncomfortable. It is deep rooted in survival and it focuses immediate thinking and shuts down higher thinking processes. Get people fearful and they will do almost anything to alleviate that feeling. “Show them the Fear then sell them the Fear Remover.”


Some baddies who live in the desert and caves might come and get us one day.” lets it sink in, the fear. “We should go and fuck them up right now before they do” Riotous applause. That is how you get an entire population to back the killing of people abroad under false pretences. Get them scared, then show them how, with their backing, that fear can be removed.






I do something for you, you do something for me


Doesn't sound like much does it?

Obligation is a more powerful force than most people know. Once again tied to survival and learned habits of being a valued herd member. If someone does you a favour and then asks for one in return you almost can't resist. Sometimes just the mere promise of helping gets them inside your head and obligated to them for something they haven't even done yet.

The Reptilian Brain is a straight up weighted values type system, a mental scale of two different values. Social favours also have a mental value.


Conmen and advertisers alike know the power of obligation to others.






Guilt has been used for thousands of years to manipulate people. The twin guns of Fear and Guilt are currently wielded by the Green movements and was used by the Roman Catholic church to control the faithful for near 2000 years. Guilt you have done something wrong plays directly to your Corrector Program. The program will attempted to get the individual to mentally conform to the suggested standard. Political Correctness plays heavily on this.

In places where people were raised to be racist they feel no guilt when being racist. Their mental standards and values have not been breached. Hence they feel no guilt over their actions.


Guilt works best on conformed people who are heavily influence by the corrector program. The corrector program is plugged into the physiology of the body and can release chemicals into the body to make a person feel “happy” or “sad” or euphoric and elated. These are powerful tools, chemical sticks and carrots in development of behaviour “correction” by the Corrector Program.






Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

I have over 100 books on NLP, purchased for research purposes. Only 14 of them actually explain in any meaningful way what it is. There is some confusion and perhaps deliberately.

NLP is today the operative non pharmaceutical practises of Psychology and Psychiatry.


It is also the method of inducing successful suggestions by use of language markers. Psychology has re-branded it's public image. They now identify with NLP as their operative practises and degrees and qualifications are awarded in NLP. Under this form NLP includes hypnosis (now just characterised as a practice of NLP) but really all we are talking about is the Art of effective Suggestion is all it's forms.


The practitioner is encouraged to “dress” their office with books, so many they can't all fit on the bookshelf. This gives the impression the practitioner is highly educated and well read which allows Suggestions made by the practitioner to be more effective than someone who doesn't appear to be highly educated, or more educated than that of the person seeking therapy.


Before this re-branding NLP was a feature of persuading others (the language of the hard sell) using language and tagged language markers. How it works in practise is the operating system tags some words as being more important than others. Many words become commands.


Here are some very basic so called NLP techniques used by Copy Writers (people who write the news) and people in the boardroom trying to get you to invest or buy into their ideas.

Everything that follows one of these words is presupposed in the
sentence. In other words, you have to accept everything that follows as true in order to
make sense of the sentence.
Here’s some examples:

1. Have you discovered how easily you can make the decision to refer your friends to
our company?
2. Have you asked yourself if the unlimited potential of this information is what is
making you so excited?
3. Have you naturally discovered how persuasive you are becoming?
4 Many people begin naturally, Mr. Williams to create an idea of owning this just
prior to making the decision to go ahead with it.
5. Naturally, you’ll find more than enough reasons to go ahead today if you understand
even a little bit of what I say next.

REMEMBER – put the words that describe, in front of what they’re describing.
This forces powerful pictures in the mind of the listener. This is not only powerful and
effective in speaking, it’s also very effective in writing copy.

1. You’ve probably started to become aware of some of the many easily yet powerful ways you
can use this information
2. Naturally, the most readily available and more importantly, competent person to deal with is
3.Finally, the most reliably accurate system of persuasion is within your grasp.

Simply saying one of these words, makes the person you are persuading, start to do the mental process that you brought up.
These words are very important to your persuasion arsenal because, like the
Adverb/Adjective words, everything that follows them is presupposed to be true. Also,
these words force the issue of not will you do X (whatever you suggest), but are you aware
that X.

Here’s some examples of this pattern.

1. Is the awareness of the power of these patterns starting to sink in?
2. The more you begin to construct in your mind the ways you’ll be using these patterns
after you return home, the more you’ ll begin realizing the explosively profitable
techniques you now possess.
3. Are you starting to experience the satisfaction of what owning this will bring as I tell
you about it?
And of course, you can combine them just like the others to create super-powered

4. Becoming aware of the potentials of this policy allows you to start experiencing the
inner sense of realizing how completely this program fits your needs.
Naturally, as you start realizing the unlimited ways you can easily become aware of
how joining this team will help you to truly accomplish your goals more rapidly and
effectively, you’ll start imagining the success you can actually achieve with my help
and guidance – NOW – are you starting to experience the possibilities?

The reason this pattern is called Cause and Effect is because one thing can literally
be said to cause another. The pattern is used simply just as it is written. It basically takes
on the pattern of, x (pace) happens and automatically then, y (lead) happens.
Use these rules to make this pattern simple:
A. Generally, X is a pace.
B. Generally, Y is a lead.
C. Most importantly, ANY X CAN CAUSE ANY Y!!!

[The Media Uses this Heavily]
Here’s some examples:

1. Sitting there causes you to completely absorb what I’m saying. And, as you completely
absorb it, it will cause you to immediately accept it at the deepest levels.
2. Thinking your next thought causes you to agree with me that you need to really master this
3.Simply saying that excuse causes you to understand why you already don’t believe it.


These basic examples will clue you into how this works on everyday unsuspecting people. Words like Unlimited grab the mind as well as words like Naturally. Commands are also highly prioritised. These play on the mechanical level of the subconscious and the way it stores and prioritises data. By playing on features of language you are well familiar with successful suggestions can be made without resistance from the target.

By reading this you will naturally become more empowered. (LOL) As we all want to be more powerful and the key word of “naturally” makes it seem as if you don't have to work at this you will be more likely to accept the Suggestion than not.

The mental landscape we each have is varied but based on the same mental pillars. The commonality is like all of us having the same mental combination lock.






This is a an induced state of mental shock in which the target is left not knowing something and simply becomes putty in the hands of the person who has induced this state in respect to the lack of knowledge.

Sounds tricky? Not so. When you are confronted by a word or term you are unfamiliar with you minds opens up an instant programming/learning reflex and thus learns the informations instantly. In those moments of uncertainty we are vulnerable to suggestion. Normally it is achieved by unfamiliar Jargon.


When the credible looking man in the white coat tells you have been diagnosed with “Type 2 Spidyquifacacture” You have no idea what they mean until they tell you. First you didn't feel well but after diagnosis you are definitely sick with something. Luckily the Doctor tells you if you take these pills you will feel well again. [The placebo effect is roughly 30%. The effectiveness of modern pharmaceuticals is estimated at just above 30%]


You believe them automatically because they appear to demonstrate knowledge beyond you own, thus by suggestion they are more intelligent and know more than you so you should believe whatever they say as truth.


This is why very specific nomenclature ( the word which means the method of arrangement of how words are used in specific fields) is used by “experts”. Those familiar with the terms and their use have control over those who do not.


At universities students are encouraged to use such terms almost as if they are being trained to be a more effective bullshitter. Instead of saying “the same as” we are encouraged to use terms like Functionally Isomorphic (meaning the same as). Tutors will give higher marks for this kind of thing. It does look like they are training people to have perceived higher status and authority over others by use of this mind hack.



Cognitive dissonance


Works as above except the method of creating the mental confusion is different. A person states one thing then soon after contradicts themselves. This doesn't make sense to the viewer, reader or listener. It sets up the same effect as NPL does where the person is able to effectively give suggestions without huge mental resistance. Skilled practitioners with set it up well, but bad practitioners give too much thinking room where a person can simply decide not to listen to them any further. If they are an authority figure they can pull it off easier and the cognitive dissonance covers their artful lie, or really stops people from questioning it.







There is more going on than we notice. Our sensory array notices things which are not always delivered to the conscious to improve processing flow and efficiently. No need to clog up the already woeful 8-bit RAM we are using. In this way information can be directed like a brute force attack on our subconscious repository of all information. Our vision is limited, only 12-13 frames per-second and we need to see 3-4 frames in a row to be allowed to consciously perceive something. This allows the insertion of images which we see but don't consciously perceive.


The same applies with Audio. Simple instructions can be placed “in the background” of music and sounds which will be perceived by the subconscious but not by the conscious. In Japan they experimented with putting in seven languages “Stealing is a serious crime” underneath the usual shop music. Thefts were reduced 76%.


Subliminal suggestions were tested on New Zealanders by the CIA during the 1980's via TV before being rolled out in the USA. Obey, Consume!



Silent Sound Systems


As far back as the late 1960s the US air-force was conducting tests on placing sound directly into people's heads. Sometime later they perfected the system and moved on to putting sound into people's head they couldn't consciously perceive as a “novel weapon”. It works in the same way the Japanese suggestions on CD work except you can't hear anything. You might perceive a tinnitus effect some victims have suggested.


Such a weapon combined with other electronic methods of simulating parts of the brain using pulsed microwaves and wifi frequencies are a potent weapon as the targets don't know what is being done to them. They might change how they are voting... and not understand why. For the most part how these systems work is highly restricted and not for public dissemination.



The key to understanding subliminal suggestions is knowing they seek to bypass the conscious mind and filters and get instructions directly to the control area in the subconscious where no reasoning takes place. Instead programs are executed. This allows hacks to be performed in which the test subject can have ideas inserted into them they will act on. If already in line with their previous programming it will be acted on without question.


Right now in the graphics on any site there are up to 30 layers that can be manipulated. All we see is the most external layer combination. The subconscious however sees all. It sees the naked women in the ice-cubes. Our conscious mind does not so we don’t consciously understand why our motivations have been stimulated. Instead we just act on them as we have been programmed to.

Given enough repetition it becomes “habit” (a trained behaviour) like a dog salivating at the bell.


Some sites are said to put subliminal suggestions in the graphics or flicker rate to make the site addictive. Getting people emotional also opens the door to this kind of manipulation. The owners of such sites no doubt feel... God like.



Complete the picture suggestions


Our minds look for patterns and repeating patterns. It is how we gain an advantage over reality in the raw survival mode of living. If we see a funeral procession, or mourners at the grave we know a dead person is involved without having to see the dead person.


In advertising this is complimentary suggestion, where they get your mind to complete the suggestion without having to be seen to make it. The focus on the male and female minds are different so each sex is played to appropriately. You see this clearly in advertising of female products verses male products.


As simple as showing a women wearing a brand of make-up being the focus of male attention completes the picture that doesn't really exist “If you wear this product you will be more attractive the the opposite sex”. They don't have to say that, the picture is completed by your mind. Likewise male deodorant advertising uses the same props and ploys. Despite the illogical nature of this the appeal to sexuality is always a hit.



Picture audio suggestions


You are watching a TV advertisement and it has an unrealistic graphic wildly exaggerating the product with a voice over describing accurately the product. Your consciousness dismisses the graphics as unrealistic, but you subconscious just associates it with the audio description as true and correct.


Our minds know everything it sees is real, that is how we navigate reality. It makes no subconscious differentiation between pictures and reality, it is beyond it's ability to think. That is why optical illusions are so convincing.


Advertisers gurus are graduates of Psychology. They know how to hack your mind. By associating exaggerated graphics with true and reasonable audio they know your subconscious mind will associate both as true despite your conscious mind knowing otherwise.




Sex and violence


Violence puts a person into mental shock. Films use this to make the story lines less questioned. Sexual provocation also creates a similar effect, major portions of the brain are dulled while others become more focused. Critical thinking and higher order thinking is often dulled. Film makers know the links and the modern actions films are filled with violence and sexual provocation to make people like the film more. The Spartacus TV series is an excellent example of the combination of sex and violence leading to a hard core of fans. Game of Thrones likewise plays on the same psychological features to increase popularity beyond that of a good storyline.




Colour theory


This is heavily used in Sign writing and Logos. Most of these are keyed into us, part of the hardware of survival over the ages. By using the appropriate colour the “mood” can be set.


RED. Physical
Positive: Physical courage, strength, warmth, energy, basic survival, 'fight or flight', stimulation, masculinity, excitement.
Negative: Defiance, aggression, visual impact, strain.


BLUE. Intellectual.
Positive: Intelligence, communication, trust, efficiency, serenity, duty, logic, coolness, reflection, calm.
Negative: Coldness, aloofness, lack of emotion, unfriendliness.


YELLOW. Emotional
Positive: Optimism, confidence, self-esteem, extraversion, emotional strength, friendliness, creativity.
Negative: Irrationality, fear, emotional fragility, depression, anxiety, suicide.


GREEN. Balance
Positive: Harmony, balance, refreshment, universal love, rest, restoration, reassurance, environmental awareness, equilibrium, peace.
Negative: Boredom, stagnation, blandness, enervation.


VIOLET. Spiritual
Positive: Spiritual awareness, containment, vision, luxury, authenticity, truth, quality.
Negative: Introversion, decadence, suppression, inferiority.


Positive: Physical comfort, food, warmth, security, sensuality, passion, abundance, fun.
Negative: Deprivation, frustration, frivolity, immaturity.


Positive: Physical tranquillity, nurture, warmth, femininity, love, sexuality, survival of the species.
Negative: Inhibition, emotional claustrophobia, emasculation, physical weakness.


Positive: Psychological neutrality.
Negative: Lack of confidence, dampness, depression, hibernation, lack of energy.


Positive: Sophistication, glamour, security, emotional safety, efficiency, substance.
Negative: Oppression, coldness, menace, heaviness.


Positive: Hygiene, sterility, clarity, purity, cleanness, simplicity, sophistication, efficiency.
Negative: Sterility, coldness, barriers, unfriendliness, elitism.


Positive: Seriousness, warmth, Nature, earthiness, reliability, support.
Negative: Lack of humour, heaviness, lack of sophistication.


[A special thanks to the people who run colour psychology courses for providing the above information]




A mental orgasm in under three minutes


Music moves people emotionally. It has been known for thousands of years. Just the right frequencies stimulate brain function in different areas producing heightened modes of thinking/perception associated with those areas.


It all starts with a beat, the timing repeated over an over. 120 beats per second was Disco. It is the heart rate you get up to when sexually stimulated. 180-220 is techno, the heart's rate under the most extreme of circumstance like sky diving etc.


Your brain can be entrained in under 3 minutes. A good catchy song will do this, the Beatles is an excellent example, three part harmonies, strong drum beats, basic chords, majors, a minor or two and a 7th or two.


Complex effects can be created by music. Part of the brain can be stimulated and even overloaded like Phil Spectre's Wall of Sound theory where there is no dead space in the sound field. By overloading the perception the brain is left wide open for musical suggestion.

Psychologists suggest it takes a person hearing a song three times to decide whether their brain enjoys those patterns or not.


Virtual sounds and vibrations can be introduced to the brain by creating a stereoscopic effect where in one ear one vibration is produced and in the other another a different one is produced. The brain will produce the summation of the overlapping between the two and produce a virtual vibration only heard in the brain and not in the recording itself. In this way normally inaudible vibrations (those below 20Hz) can be heard. It can also be used to produce words “which don't exist in the recording”.


Music notes have intervals. This is the different between one note an another. These are Consonant (pleasing to the ear) or Dissonant (not pleasing to the ear). In this way music is comprised of “pulling” and pushing” sounds where consonant notes pull together and dissonant notes feel like they push apart. Apply bass notes which move people on one level with higher frequency notes and you can create some strange effects on the human mind.


Neil Sedaka is credited with the early quantification of music tastes. In his song “Oh Carol” he analysed the previous top 30 #1 hits and found 22 of them had the same type of drum beat. He applied more of the similarities added one chord of his own and wrote a number one hit using the quantification of what was popular in music with the public at the time.


ABBA invented the methods used today by electronic bands. You can literally hear their fingerprints all over popular electronic music.


This isn't quite a hard science. If it was artists would not be required and producers could write all the songs. Despite this there is a lot of well known and used methods in recording to make the songs more “radio friendly” or popular. No longer are recordings done on blanks, instead a background of “white noise” is used because it was found “silence” is unnatural to the brain.


Most modern “Pop” music is simple and entrancing, producing a trance-like state for which the simply suggestions in the lyrics can be issued over and over again. In this way the Social Programmers who use pop culture to change societal values can place their messages in the songs.

I kissed a girl and I liked it” had been written 10 years previous to it's release. The producers simply said “we were looking for the right artist to release it credibly.” Quite an admission for those with ears to hear it.


Pop music is used to influence young people before they have set opinions. By doing so the values of society can be adjusted and one generation can be set against another. By setting up artists as pop icons and idols impressionable kids can be lead around by the nose wanting to emulate their idols. The reported behaviours of pop Idols is used to move young people in that direction in reference to their personal values. Right now Miley Cyrus is teaching your daughters being a Slut makes you popular and powerful.





L Ron Hubbard and the “narrative”


We love stories. Our mind enjoys them. We seek to make stories to explain what we don't know or understand to stop the nagging effect on our minds the unknown brings. Curiosity, it is built into us. We want to know why and if we can't know we invent plausible stories to get rid of the nagging to know why.


Good authors are highly skilled at this. Their stories bring a completeness of sorts (most stories). We have a introduction, characters, a problem and a conclusion.


When I first started writing professionally on sites my “boss” suggested I write things in terms of a personal story or as a narrative. He told me internet research had found people are drawn to narratives, particularly about people's real life. He had found me on a site telling some of the most intimate stories and experiences of my life which either taught me a lesson or made a profound impact in my life. Told me I could be “internet famous” writing that sort of material, a million followers plus (great appeal to Ego and the idea of being powerful, even if only internet powerful).


L Ron Hubbard knew how to write stories. He is the creator of Scientology. Once in a famous meeting he called all the US scifi authors together. He asked them to not take less than he took as a author or it would undercut his money and they would get published more over him. Robert Heinlein retorted to him “If you love money so much Ron why don't you start your own religion?”

Two years later he did just that.


For people who don't know what Scientology is it is the rehash of something called Dianetics... but with a better story.


L Ron Hubbard's religion is comprised of hypnotism and operative practises of behavioural psychology. If you do those things it does improve you as a person and your abilities. But you can do those without the back story….and without having to pay thousands to be allowed to complete another Operating Thetan level. I read the leaked levels that famous successful people pay 100K to learn.


It was simple suggestion with the aim of improving personal performance and removing subconscious conflicts. It works, people all around the world go to qualified psychologists to get the same blocks removed for only 5K. What our subconsciousnesses have been programmed to accept controls us even of we consciously desire something different. The book “the secret” used this and made millions for the author. “Rich dad, Poor dad” pointed out the same effect. If you subconsciously have been programmed to believe you don't deserve success or wealth you won't get it. Instead you will screw it up for yourself every time.


Scientology not only removes the bad programming by use of psychology dressed up as science fiction, it also instils in the individual the mentality to think they are “special” and more worthy than most people in the world. This simple suggestion, once accepted, actually works.


Most people were given some pretty heavy and bad programming at school or by their religion which told them they were bad people who couldn't stop sinning. Being traumatised in front of the class and told “you will never get anywhere in life” is incredibility harmful to people (I think everyone over 30 has seen that exact scene I have described) and sets itself as a high priority suggestion.


Not only are we given such bad programming we are also conditioned to be dominated at schools by “authority figures” and we are programmed to bow to them and their opinions.



As Scientology removes these detrimental programming it is effective in practise. But it works easier because people buy into the narrative that L Ron Hubbard invented. If you believe his story it makes the suggestions easier to lodge in your subconscious as “true, correct and valid”. His narrative obscures what is really going on, mirrors and illusions. But once you see the success of others it makes the whole thing easier to buy into.


Narratives are powerful influencers of the mind. Most have a completeness to them which our minds crave, to finish picture, complete the circle.





The perception of reality dominates over reality in our minds.


Ask anyone who did extreme military training about this. They will tell you they were taught the mind dominates the body. They were taken to the edge of their endurance, then taught they could get more out of themselves if their minds were strong enough.


Our perception of reality dominates over reality. What we think happens has more an effect on us than what actually happens. Pain is only in the mind. There are times where your body turns off the pain, refuses to sense it in order to give you a higher chance of survival. ( I nearly had a limb severed. I didn't feel a thing. Pain is only in the mind). Our reality as we perceive it is in our minds. I have seen people shut pain out, I have also seen people overreact to perceived potential pain.


In Blacksmithing we learned over 2 years you don't get burned if you don't want to (or burned badly more accurately). People worried about getting burned got burned all the time, little burns would hurt them. If you decided that it wasn't going to burn much, it didn't. Nothing more than a mental trick. It took 3 months to develop this. Our tutor told us it would happen. His suggestion accepted alone saved me from burns I should have got that should have hurt.


Our world is in our heads. It is an edited job and seems seamless most of the time. Our predispositions (and current state of mind) affect our perception of reality. Our programming can impede us or allow us to be more effective. Most of our programming was not done voluntarily. It was put into us by our society or environment. Education might as well be called programming. Once you believe something it is hard to get that belief out of your head and allow other information to fill the same slot.


What we are taught that was wrong impedes us for life until we change it. 70% of what I was taught at school was wrong. Not always entirely wrong but in the details incorrect.

I know the grass is green because that is what I was told. This is existence for most of us. We have ideas put in our heads were are told are right. We believe them as absolute truths.


What we are as people is even more horrifying. We are not who we think we are. For the most part we are a collection of affectations we thought were “cool” and what was bludgeoned into us as “correct” behaviour or “what we do”.


Radical psychologists of the late 60's decided to try something that had been suggested many years before. Instead of building a better mental prison for the individual to control their behaviour they decided to free the person. This involved a lot of screaming therapy and the revisiting of every traumatic experience a person had ever had.


What they thought was once all the other layers of a person are stripped away the true core of a person would be revealed. What they found was once you stripped away the layers there was nothing. We are a collection of programming and affectations. The only “real you” is a point of pure conscious which simply observes everything you do. The rest is assumed, programmed and created, not always by us.


The good news was once you have stripped away all the bullshit you were free to remake yourself without all the hang ups and detrimental programming. The old self is broken, it wasn't real anyway.

Not the news you wanted to hear? Perhaps you will not want to accept this information, an unpalatable truth and your programming will defend itself.






Shifting society



Our societies are creations. Who is the master?

Once it was Roman Catholicism in the western world. They ruled for 1500 years unchecked by greater society. Even Kings bowed to them and got flogged in public. In their minds if they didn't they would burn in hell. It was their belief in a suggestion backed by theatre (and the everyone believes it effect) which made them submit to people they didn't have to submit to.


Creating these beliefs allows forces to control society, shift it over time. If you destroy the previous way of life a new one can be forged without major resistance. WWII allowed this is the UK and Europe. Afterwards their whole way of life and notions of equality were changed forever. By destroying the old format a new one could be implemented without serious resistance.


Today Pop culture is the major driver of societal changes.


Experts are used on people older and supposedly wiser to change them. As we have been programmed to bow to “experts” and authority figures at school we are fooled with ease. Dr in front of your name gives you more power in society. Phd is the same (in L Ron Hubbard’s decalogy the main character was told “if you don't have a degree no-one will listen to you or take you seriously”, how true.).


When Edward Bernays wrote Propaganda (published 1928) as the advertorial for his new industry Public Relations he told people they already employed the top 10 professionals in any field to be used to sway public opinion. He also suggested schools be changed from places where people were taught to think to places where people were taught what to think. That is why people can't think for themselves today, they rely on others to do their thinking for them because this is how they have been programmed.


Even on these CT sites were people are supposed to be smarter and enlightened compared to the masses very few actually seem to think for themselves. They quote others who they think are smart so they look smart by association. You can't blame them, that pattern of behaviour was put into them. Today we are educated to be functionally ignorant, able to do tasks without really understanding what is going on.


Look at any kid on a smart phone, they don't need to think, their phone can do a lot of the thinking for them. They don't need to remember things because they can find all the answers on their phone...or so they think.


Anything you use repetitively is entraining you at the subconscious level. TV creates false stereotypes people believe are universal in groups. The internet entrains people. Asch conformity creates pockets of people who all act the same within the lines. By changing the “leaders” opinions you watch people fall into line with new behaviours. Political correctness causes people to enforce their entrainment on others under the nicest of justifications. False logic strings which make sense in isolation.

PR corporations tell politicians how people will react and how to get them to react as desired.






Being aware doesn't make you impervious to suggestions and programming, but it does give you a chance.


You could apply the knowledge I have compiled here for devious ends. That was not my intention. My intention was to inform people in order for them to be able to resist and perhaps undo what has been done to them as well as seeing what is going on all around us.




All is Suggestion – The Anonymous Sage

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interesting. will take awhile to digest. thanks for this

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A biometric computer, reality of it is suggestion can be downloaded directly to the subconscious for future access. Without the consent of the person. Along with the program data a trigger is stored for program retrieval and execution. This used to only be possible by manual manipulation, trauma based hypnosis/programming. Now electronics can induce the the alpha state and synthetic trauma can be downloaded into the subconscious where trauma is usually dealt with in the mind. This trauma creates partitions where programs can be stored until a handler triggers the retrieval. 

thanks for the info doc, good read

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10 minutes ago, WhiteHorse said:

A biometric computer, reality of it is suggestion can be downloaded directly to the subconscious for future access. Without the consent of the person. Along with the program data a trigger is stored for program retrieval and execution. This used to only be possible by manual manipulation, trauma based hypnosis/programming. Now electronics can induce the the alpha state and synthetic trauma can be downloaded into the subconscious where trauma is usually dealt with in the mind. This trauma creates partitions where programs can be stored until a handler triggers the retrieval. 

thanks for the info doc, good read

I thought it pertinent considering the events of the pass few days.

From what I have gathered the ability to affect people with electronic means was well under way by the US military in 1978. They discussed implementation of Psy-ops during Solar events as they were seen to be more effective. They also discussed Ionizing the Air in order to induce various states of mind. I under some of what they can do because I have experienced it first hand unfortunately, my wife as well. The technology is far more advanced to day as you can imagine, but not fool proof. Due to genetic factors there will always be at least 10% of the population highly resistant. Another reason why they want to collect everyone's DNA, so they can eliminate those factors from the general public over time I speculate.


What worries me is people don't know how much they are being manipulated by vast social programs run at the highest levels. As long as we think we are free no-one will ever think to resist what is being done to them. We are being turned into a product it seems. The values that were instilled into me were not only to keep me operating between crafted lines they also were created to keep me powerless. All of the most expedient options are denied to anybody with high moral values, they are unacceptable. Yet shadowy groups who pulling our strings are free to use them without compunction. They have no problems murdering people, mind controlling people into killing themselves and other in order to achieve their objectives. For us we are conditioned not to accept those sorts of options seriously. Very luck for them, because there is only between 5000-10,000 of them and 7 billion of us.


All of the people on all of the boards of the top 150 multinationals number slightly less than 5000 people. Those people have funded the research used to control us. Used to condition us into being obedient slaves and consumers so they can have a wonderful life without us causing them too much trouble....but are the people they fund playing them?

It is easy to manipulate a socio-path, all you have to offer them is more power and they will go along with your suggestions. I often wonder if the so called elite even consider they too are being set up. Socio-paths always rise to the top of any workplace, it is what they are good at and what they crave.

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1 hour ago, reg said:

interesting. will take awhile to digest. thanks for this

Yes. Shep is going to break it up into smaller sections and put it in the article section and hopefully I can link it to other sites in order to draw some thinkers here.


I think it is too much to digest in one hit. Most Blogs aim for 450 words as that is seen to be a digestible chunk for the average reader. What I posted is close to 10,000 words.


I like to watch the news to see what they are trying to get people to think. Right now my 6 O'clock news is ramping up the fear and emotional provocation, even in far flung NZ.


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I have another couple of parts to add to this later. One on military indoctrination and the other on how we are controlled in western society but particularly focusing on the conditioning programs introduced to the USA.

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Maybe that's why Clinton opened the door to trading with China to bring in cheap TVs and other electronics, affordable to every household in America. It's not always JUST about the money especially if you're an NWO stooge.

The script is really the same, acted out on the little screen and the world stage. Don't engage! Easier said than done.

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17 minutes ago, YourMom2 said:

Maybe that's why Clinton opened the door to trading with China to bring in cheap TVs and other electronics, affordable to every household in America. It's not always JUST about the money especially if you're an NWO stooge.

The script is really the same, acted out on the little screen and the world stage. Don't engage! Easier said than done.


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