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Nostradamus Prediction - Islamic Invasion

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 CGK    2,173

 Looks like Nostradamus was right again. This article was written June 15,2014!


Indeed, France -- and, not least, Paris -- seems to be the principal target of the invaders – but the proposed invasion seems not to cross the Channel to England (see VI.43).

As my translation of quatrain V.68 puts it:

        He’ll come to drink by Rhine’s and Danube’s shore –
        The mighty Camel no remorse shall show.
        The folk of Rhône shall quake, of Loire e’en more.
        Yet near the Alps the Cock shall lay him low.

The general context, then, is quite clear. There is to be an invasion of Europe from the south and south-east by Arab/Muslim forces -- whether massed military ones (which is what Nostradamus clearly envisaged) or simply groups of terrorists. Yet the precise details are speculative – both on Nostradamus’s part and on mine. Given Nostradamus’s characteristic refusal to be precise, most of the quatrains indicated (and a rash of others besides) could quite conceivably apply to other contexts entirely -- though probably not to the quite recent Muslim influx into Europe of modern times, which, though vast, has been almost entirely peaceful and benevolently devout.

The result, however, is a sobering one, as quatrain VII.34 confirms:

        In grief the folk of France shall mope and pine,
        Light-heartedness be foolishness decreed
        No bread, salt, water, beer, nor drugs, nor wine:
        Their noblest captive, hunger, cold and need.   

And, in particular, the French language will be mingled with Arabic. But then, of course, it might not happen at all. Nostradamus never actually ‘saw’ these events. He was merely projecting selected past events into the future. The history that repeats itself rarely does so exactly. And his evident Islamophobia was merely typical of his time (for perfectly understandable reasons -- see above!) in a way that it does not need to be of ours.

As for 'ISIS' (one of the current Muslim movements in Iraq), Nostradamus doesn’t use the name in his Prophecies, but only in his speculative work on Egyptian hieroglyphs entitled Orus Apollo, where it is of course the name of the pre-eminent ancient Egyptian goddess, who was entirely innocent of any designs on Europe!




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You are correct !!

I have a Nostradamus book from the 90's. Cern, 9/11, invasion europe.

I always did not much pay attention about it. He was correct on 9/11. I never understood the invasion of europe.

The past years. Al the things he talk about in that book of the last past years come true!

Also ISIS and the middle east he disccribed the black many times.

Also bin laden. The muslim jesus. 


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