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Now Back to FISA

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An unsealed FISA Court Ruling unveiled a number of criminal activities that Barack Obama’s FBI and DOJ participated in during his time in office.  The report to date received little attention.  Now interest is brewing due to the recent actions of Congress and the report that is expected to be released in the upcoming weeks.

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All that time and no one did anything... and we thought we were watching what they were doing! 

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The more time goes and this does not develop, the greater the chance that this is swept under the rug.  If this is so detrimental as the members of the house who saw it says it is, I can not figure out why Trump is not all over this. 

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A really concise, articulate video interview presentation on the most complex treasonous act in American history. Great for sharing on social media.

This link has a good text intro for the video.

http://dailycaller.com/2018/01/20/obama-administration-plot-exonerate-hillary/  (Caution, the opening stinger in the video is loud.)


The Bill Still Report also posted this video. Mr. Still gives introductory remarks of the highest regard for DiGenova and states also that DiGenova is one of his sources.
Interview begins at 1:48. EDIT: diGenova refers to the 99 pg document and its importance at 5:40


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Sorry, but

diGenova again refers to the 99 pg document and its importance ~18:00 thru 23:45.

Pleeease listen.

And please share as widely as you can.

Rough partial transcript:

16:35 -  one of the heroes in this entire story is Admiral Mike Rogers the head of the National Security Agency. He became the head of the National Security Agency in 2014. In 2015 one of the auditors at the NSA, our electronic surveillance SIGINT masterpiece from World War two, came to him and said there's some funny things going on at the FBI with regard to 702 which of course is that part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act which allows the scooping up of huge amounts of phone call data and emails and electronic data about foreigners, and in the course of that allows the incidental collection of information about Americans which is supposed to be kept secret but wasn't in this case because of the conduct of the FBI and the Obama administration Justice Department officials.  

17:35 - Mike Roger says okay let's do an audit. He does this in March of 2016; this is way in advance of the election, he then discovers as a result that the FBI has been sharing this secret data about Americans, not with other government agencies but private contractors some of those contractors apparently work for the Democratic National Committee some of them work for fusion GPS. 

Admiral Rogers says ok the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has been lied to they have not been told about this and things have been told to them which are not true. He said I'm going to the court I'm going to tell the court. Rogers goes to the court on his own and informs the court about these problems. 

18:41 - Now prior to him being able to do that, the Justice Department and the FBI learned  about what he's done about the audit and what he's discovered, and so they [try to?] go to the court first to inform the court that they have discovered these problems with illegal activity. Doesn't make any difference it's too late; the court now knows what has happened. So he goes to the court, they go to the court and then in April of 2016 the FISA Court issues this 99 page opinion, which I'll bet you didn't even know about until I talked about it this morning. 

19:19 - This opinion describes illegal activity by the FBI, illegal activity by contractors, and it calls it the improper disclosure of raw intelligence about Americans to unauthorized individuals. All of those things that the bureau did and the contractors did were crimes. 

... this is a public document now that it's been Declassified. You've not seen a single story about this in the Washington Post or the New York Times. 

So with this in hand - and remember Rogers knows all about this before the election, so as soon as the election is held Rogers determines that since there is now a president-elect who has been spied upon; he knows that Trump was the subject of a plot. 

So Admiral Rogers goes to visit president-elect in New York on the 17th of November 2016. He's the head of the NSA.  

He briefs the president and it is after that briefing, the very next day that president elect Trump moves his entire staff out of Trump Tower to Bedminster New Jersey where his Golf Club is, and that's where the transition team stays until Trump Tower is debugged. 

20:48 - What Admiral Rogers did was - and this is why the president said that President Obama had wiretapped him - Rogers on that day November 17th briefed the president about the illegal activities which had been reported to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Court earlier in the year, and the president knew what had happened at that point. 

Now interestingly enough when the outgoing administration found that Admiral Rogers had gone to New York the DNI the Director of National Intelligence, John Clapper and John Brennan, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency, asked President Obama to fire Admiral Rogers. Now President Obama had many flaws but he ain't no dummy, and he said boys it's too late, I'm not gonna fire Admiral Rogers, because if I do that'll be the only story about my last days in office, so you can forget it. 

And Rogers is there to this day, and when this story is written, when it's all over the great hero will not be Robert Muller, this this crazy man that has been made the Special Counsel; it won't be the people on the hill, except for Devin Nunez who is a real hero who has stood up under the most incredible personal attacks from real sleaze balls like Adam Schiff, this loony congressman from California, and it will be shown that Admiral Rogers saved the day by by forcing the senior Justice Department officials to admit that they had done wrong things. 

[...] 23:21 - this is stunning stuff and it's all because of Admiral Rogers and that's where we are today we are now at the point where Nunez has discovered this he discovered it back in March [2017] when he went to the White House and all of these documents were turned over to him by the incoming National Security Council staff. 

And so now we'll we'll watch it play out.  


Edited by Johnny Appleseed
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