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America's Foreign Military Aid - Guess Who's #1?

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Aren't you glad that your money is being stolen from you to finance the Israeli and Egyptian military-industrial complex? 

The top five recipients of foreign military financing in 2014, according to the report:

1. Israel: $3.1 billion

2. Egypt: $1.3 billion

3. Iraq: $300 million

3. Jordan: $300 million

5. Pakistan: $280 million

What also stands out from the report is the regional distribution — the Middle East (64 percent) and Africa (23 percent) account for 86 percent of all U.S. foreign military financing last year.

U.S. spent $35 billion on foreign economic aid last year

The $5.9 billion for military funding represents 17 percent of the roughly $35 billion the U.S. spent on foreign aid in 2014, according to the report.




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Not shocked by Israel taking top spot, but no South Korea on that list? *smh* it's still techincally a warfront.

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