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What is going on at Godlike Productions? Evidence of Government Involvement?

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Repost from old articles section!

Over the last year we have found seen a few tidbits of information as they come out in regards to Godlike Productions, And I now think it is time for a compilation of these tidbits. If only to put together the pieces for those who do not have the time. I make no attempt to convince you nor to tell you what to believe, but only to present to you the information.

I hope this will serve as a vein of truth from which you can decide for yourself what is really going on.

First up are select piece of a chat transcript which Involves an Individual who is known to be close to the owner of GLP. You can see the full transcripts here!

This is it all laid out for the uninitiated! From fees people are paid, to an actual recruitment attempt!


[4:22 AM] thekillerunicorn: me and trinity are friends
[4:22 AM] _ChickenHawk_: that is great of him to do that...
[4:22 AM] thekillerunicorn: he's not the bad guy i can promise you that
[4:22 AM] thekillerunicorn: the stuff rick is talking about is nothing to do with trin
[4:23 AM] _ChickenHawk_: why does he work for General Mattis USMC at the Joint Special Operations Command then?
[4:23 AM] thekillerunicorn: i mean the money thingi yeah but whatever happened with rick and rick's friend had nothing
[4:23 AM] thekillerunicorn: he writes scripts
[4:23 AM] thekillerunicorn: and background programs
[4:23 AM] thekillerunicorn: to keep hackers out
[4:23 AM] _ChickenHawk_: It is called Middleware I think...
[4:24 AM] _ChickenHawk_: what about General Mattis USMC?
[4:24 AM] _ChickenHawk_: and TENA?
[4:24 AM] thekillerunicorn: he does a few different things not just programming but yeah
[4:24 AM] thekillerunicorn: they all group
[4:24 AM] thekillerunicorn: they corp together
[4:24 AM] _ChickenHawk_: which I know for a fact he is involved in...
[4:24 AM] thekillerunicorn: they just work together
[4:24 AM] thekillerunicorn: on the programming
[4:25 AM] thekillerunicorn: now, people like rick and rory they were doing dark web shit.
[4:25 AM] _ChickenHawk_: Well Trinity may not be the bad guy but the government is behind GLP
[4:25 AM] thekillerunicorn: yes
[4:25 AM] thekillerunicorn: they have to watch some people
[4:25 AM] _ChickenHawk_: and Trinity works for the government
[4:25 AM] thekillerunicorn: because some people are crazy
[4:25 AM] thekillerunicorn: glp is a bait site for the insane
[4:25 AM] thekillerunicorn: honestly
[4:26 AM] thekillerunicorn: they check everyone out
[4:26 AM] _ChickenHawk_: It is my understanding that GLP is looking for soft targets for mind control
[4:26 AM] _ChickenHawk_: But I want to tell you the impression that I have lately
[4:27 AM] thekillerunicorn: it's more that they want a collective conciousness
[4:27 AM] _ChickenHawk_: They are not without honor and they are putting up with me because they know that they
[4:27 AM] _ChickenHawk_: have to
[4:27 AM] thekillerunicorn: they don't hate you
[4:27 AM] thekillerunicorn: you speak truth
[4:27 AM] thekillerunicorn: they like the truth but they also like control
[4:27 AM] thekillerunicorn: you heard rick say 3 grand
[4:27 AM] _ChickenHawk_: yes I know that it is about that as well the collective I mean
[4:27 AM] thekillerunicorn: some drunk girl said 1 grand
[4:28 AM] _ChickenHawk_: yes...
[4:28 AM] thekillerunicorn: these people come in here talking about how much they get paid it's all over money
[4:28 AM] thekillerunicorn: they don't care the evil being done to people as long as they can pay their bills.
[4:29 AM] thekillerunicorn: now i don't forget things, i can store a lot of information
[4:29 AM] thekillerunicorn: that's one thing about me that not many know on glp
[4:29 AM] _ChickenHawk_: they seem to be very interested in me...why do you suppose that is Rick?
[4:29 AM] thekillerunicorn: i don't forget details lol
[4:29 AM] thekillerunicorn: you can call me Anna
[4:29 AM] thekillerunicorn: after that night of rick elbor w/e "rick" freaks me out lol
[4:30 AM] _ChickenHawk_: Okay anna I feel like I have so much I want to talk to you about..hard to type it all...
[4:30 AM] thekillerunicorn: they like you because you are real and you don't take bullshit
[4:30 AM] thekillerunicorn: trin likes you
[4:30 AM] _ChickenHawk_: is that so...?
[4:30 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I get the feeling they have been listening and have actually discussed me...
[4:30 AM] thekillerunicorn: ultimately nobody really gives a shit about anyone as long as no one is screaming tavis
[4:31 AM] thekillerunicorn: the masonic stuff freaks them out
[4:31 AM] _ChickenHawk_: why is that Anna?
[4:31 AM] _ChickenHawk_: the  masonic stuff?
[4:31 AM] thekillerunicorn: because those are who hold the high positions and in the background of these companies the
[4:31 AM] thekillerunicorn: luciferians run it
[4:31 AM] _ChickenHawk_: Yes and I have a high level history and they already know not to mess with me...
[4:32 AM] thekillerunicorn: they take the cornerstone Jesus Christ and they go through a ritual and change it to
[4:32 AM] _ChickenHawk_: is that maybe some of it?
[4:32 AM] thekillerunicorn: lucifer at the 33rd
[4:32 AM] thekillerunicorn: my entire family were masons
[4:32 AM] thekillerunicorn: all sides
[4:32 AM] thekillerunicorn: some of them left before the 33rd
[4:33 AM] _ChickenHawk_: Do you and or they understand the place I hold in the spirit realm? I mean are they
[4:33 AM] thekillerunicorn: of course
[4:33 AM] _ChickenHawk_: compartmenatalized and trying to figure me out?
[4:33 AM] thekillerunicorn: they probably want to crack you
[4:33 AM] thekillerunicorn: and get you out
[4:33 AM] thekillerunicorn: that's why i'm telling you not to go
[4:34 AM] thekillerunicorn: they want me off of glp
[4:34 AM] _ChickenHawk_: they have already tried and they cannot crack me...but sometimes I think maybe
[4:34 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I should be careful because everyone is responsible for what they hear...
[4:34 AM] thekillerunicorn: they want me to join up
[4:34 AM] thekillerunicorn: this is kind of like initiation
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: they wanna see how much you can take
[4:35 AM] _ChickenHawk_: they have tried to recruit you then?
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: if you can't be cracked
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: you got the job
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: yeah but it's not always a bad job
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: sometimes people need to be watched
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: some people are dangerous
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: i don't think everyone should be though
[4:35 AM] _ChickenHawk_: anna I dont know what you know but they already know I cannot be cracked
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: but those who are monitored who are sane individuals are left alone
[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: for the most part
[4:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: those who are trying to get people out of the crack
[4:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: are threats
[4:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: to getting paid
[4:36 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I can never work with them I work for God and Him alone...
[4:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: yes
[4:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: that's why i wont
[4:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: i get people out of the loop
[4:37 AM] thekillerunicorn: i don't keep them in a spiral
[4:37 AM] _ChickenHawk_: It doesn't matter how much they may think that they are on right hand path and doing good
[4:37 AM] _ChickenHawk_: they are not
[4:38 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I have had to deal with high level attacks from what I have posted about Freemasonry and
[4:38 AM] _ChickenHawk_: they will not mess with me anymore now...
[4:38 AM] thekillerunicorn: well these people work for the luciferian masonic
[4:39 AM] thekillerunicorn: do you hear this clown
[4:39 AM] _ChickenHawk_: smh
[4:39 AM] _ChickenHawk_: I am sure people are wondering why I am not saying anything...
[4:40 AM] thekillerunicorn: lol
[4:43 AM] _ChickenHawk_: oh well I have been busy talking with you ...
[4:44 AM] thekillerunicorn: we had a good talk

The above transcript should give you a unique glimpse into what may or may not be going on! And it all has shocking ramifications if true! But it only starts to make sense if you start putting it all together!


The above is a pre contract communication that was obtained legally from a person with the user handle Realjett, This man frequented a chat room in which trinity frequented. We also acquired information about the breach of a websites database around the same time and location and exposed that here as it was suggested to us that some others had specific involvement in it in search of login details for specific people. We have our own opinions and further evidence on that but nothing we are willing to share yet!

What is most interesting about the above contract between RealJett and Trinity is on line 5 and specifically what it says:


"As to not get us banned by our jewish, black, gay or otherwise legally protected group known as sponsors"

What an interesting way to put it! Don't you agree? It almost describes a certain group or entity of people whom we are fighting against does it not?

Also we were contacted recently and were alerted to some strange happenings at Godlike Productions in regards to possible intrusions into your computers in the hopes of finding those they want to find. Possibly aided by the fact you agree to a port scan any time you visit Godlike Productions as stated in its Terms of Service!


In this case, however what ever this seems to indicate a search for kiddie porn, Shown by the /13posting text at the end of the email this user received from GLP's Own Server since it is sending out the emails. And with Godlike Productions and it's possible connections to the government outlined elsewhere in this article one might be concerned as to what else they are doing while you browse Godlike Productions. Dare I say Tavistock? Because they really do not like it when you tell them what they are!

But in case you want to dig into it further you can find below the proof of it on GLP along with the discussion it generated!

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4


This has since been purged from GLP and no longer exists!

So let it be known with the information available within that yes in the words of thekillerunicorn!


[4:35 AM] thekillerunicorn: for the most part
[4:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: those who are trying to get people out of the crack
[4:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: are threats
[4:36 AM] thekillerunicorn: to getting paid

WE ARE A THREAT TO THESE PEOPLE GETTING PAID! And this is just the tip of the iceberg! (It's about CRTIMES! Something Changed!)

I'll leave it up to each and every one of you to make your own conclusions based on what you have been shown. But it is time to wake up from the matrix and for the truth to be known. Who stands with me?

And in closing let me ask you several questions on which i want you to ponder. Does it now make more sense as to why people are corralled into making an account now? Do you still accept those terms? and why is it that the last few weeks of government disruption can be seen to be having an active effect on the moderation and running of GLP. I see only one answer to that question! Occam's razor!

And as always mad one! The video is for you!

/ Wake up to the Truth!

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Thanks for google lel.. Images that were missing have been returned and backed up.

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24 minutes ago, lostlogin said:

Well, I never mentioned the underground cells...

You’re real interested in GLP, huh. You know Caylus?

Edited by Therin

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Board games, counted cross stitch and social control. It's just a relief not to have people undressing out in the yard. Opps, tipped the switch.


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bah..bah...bah...banned again
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25 minutes ago, lostlogin said:

Board games, counted cross stitch and social control. It's just a relief not to have people undressing out in the yard. Opps, tipped the switch.


Oh your good. You’re f**king good. Tip of the hat and all that.

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i didnt know any of this...ive been there since Emporer Kenton was still alive, nli, so thank you for posting on it.


i DID learn this morning that over there if you type the words  "prince light"  into a reply, it turns into "prints lucifer".

it auto corrects to that.


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(the reason i even tried it was someone was asking us to.)

heres his OP,  titled: Someone else try this for me please...


Some else try this for me please...

Reply to this thread with the name of a pop star who wrote Purple Rain and another name fir a match popular in WW1. Also known as the fallen angel.

Tried it several times now and it just won't post.

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