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John Galt

Anti NWO song & Our 'Rise'

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 John Galt    1,403

This song was inspired by the elite psychopathic controllers of this world, the cognitive dissonance of the people and their total lack of will to look into anything other than themselves.

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 John Galt    1,403

Want to know the truth everyone?

They want us to rise up. I see more and more people joining here, filtering from all of the censored sites..

That one branch of truth that some find here. However, they want to control that rise. Control the emotions that lead us to where we are going. That place where even they cannot fully control.. They are unleashing a beast IN US, too.

Judaism - Rothschilds

Christianity - Jesuits / Black Pope

Islam - Well.. Yeah, Wahhabism House of Saud

All orthodoxy is controlled, and being directed in similar directions.. All working together in unison. 

Congregating towards a one world religion, under control of a singular entity.

We have to recognize the game being played, all around us. We can control our own rise, which is whispered in the deeper parts of ourselves. Whispering, for those who are in silence to listen. Beyond the paradigm that has been provided in the external world.. Choose this, or choose that... Into the abyss. Those who don't recognize the Hegelian dialect being played. Anyways

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