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talking abought a SH*T HOLE

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 GySgtermey    736


Jan 12, 2018

talking abought a SH*T HOLE

London is a SH*T HOLE . Soon all of Great Britain will be a SH*T HOLE unless something is done about it.

Yes theresa_may as Home Secretary & SadiqKhan as mayor have turned London into a literal SH*T HOLE .

Foreigner takes SH*T in public. This is part and parcel to living in London now. Only a matter of time before its here in America!
(video clip)


Yes . Even in front of our children! We need a dose of reality, (or) as jack Niolson said in bat man this place need an enigma “ !!!!

apparently, you can't make this SH*T up.........:dancing-banana-with-poop-picket-smiley-emoticon:


Disgusting Pig "Occupy Wall Street" Protester Defecates on Police Car:

youtube full


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