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John Galt

PAI - AI Mapping Real World Self to Create Avatar Personalities

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 John Galt    1,429

Description from link 

As technology advances, new companies with new innovations will ultimately bring products to the market place. These types of disruptors always cause a chain reaction of change into the fabric of society. As we continue to digitize all that is known to the material world, technology like PAI will become a new standard for basic commerce on the Internet. It is under such conditions, where a decentralized totalitarianism can take place. That's right...decentralized totalitarian. How does it happen? By controlling the access. The Internet is a tool, a theoretical "space" or "cloud" of information of various size, width, shape, and form. Right now, our devices are the gateway into this realm, and as such, it very much touches our physical reality. But as we become more immersed, obsessed and addicted to the digital world (psychologically and spiritually), some will be willing to do anything to continue accessing it. This is where the totalitarian system can be installed. By demanding certain acts of worship, and to take on the branding of the entity on the forehead or right hand (which will ultimately lead to their inhumanity) just to access the Internet itself, and for all commerce.

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