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FakeNewsCNN: "heckle April Ryan" yelled repeatedly at President Donald Trump!

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 GySgtermey    734


Jan 12, 2018   :pointing-down-smiley-emoticon:


 FakeNewsCNN: "heckle April Ryan" yelled repeatedly at President Donald Trump !

White House reporter 'heckle April Ryan' yelled repeatedly at President Donald Trump after he signed a proclamation honoring Martin Luther King Jr. ahead of the civil rights leader's namesake holiday.
heckle AprilD Ryan Yells "Mr. President. Are you a racist?" What a dumb-ass. Not a "journalist" at all. Fcuking, race baiting fraud.
(video clip)

heckle AprilD Ryan is this sorry excuse for a woman. She shows total disrespect for everyone around her shameful and embarrassing @CNN sure has employees that show respect

Is there not a code of conduct there?   :naughty:

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