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John Galt

Proof The Rothschild's Purchased Jerusalem And Created Israel

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 John Galt    1,415
1 minute ago, Hazmat said:

If oil or minerals are believed to be under "your" land, another horror awaits too...  

And God help you if you go off grid, or do something insane as... Collecting rain water! The horror!


1 minute ago, snowball said:

RIght but it goes back to the power of the banking cartel families,
they are still restricted by the legal sovereignty.


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 Cinders77    417
4 hours ago, John Galt said:

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows documentation and video evidence to prove that the Rothschild family has been manipulating the middle east for centuries!

I guess they are settling old business, eh

And this is all under God's will and direction!   He moves evil people to do his will as well as good. 

God reminds us: "His ways are not our ways." 

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 John Galt    1,415
2 minutes ago, Cinders77 said:

And this is all under God's will and direction!   He moves evil people to do his will as well as good. 

God reminds us: "His ways are not our ways." 

You watched Ritchie's video? :gsbrnint:

I understand. However, we must recognize the elements that exist in Israel and deal with them. Face the problem. They are trying to get the Sephardic Jews in Israel killed

Israel has been a way to illuminate a much greater issue. Through the objections to it, that is

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 abigfatzero    2,840

The Final Days of the Labor Zionist State of Israel as the

Messiah calls the Lost Tribes of Israel to come Home


The ultimate fate of the Empire of Ottoman Turkey lay with the decision made by the Sultan of Turkey when Abdül Hamid II refused to legally sell the crown land of Palestine to the Jewish Zionist Movement in exchange for a charter allowing the Zionists to return to Palestine for a Jewish. Barry Chamish opines, “Poor Turkey! If they had just acquiesced! If they had just acquiesced!  But, they didn't.” 


As Sultan Abdül Hamid II remarked with his refusal:

Sultan Abdül Hamid II – To have the scalpel cut my body is less painful than to witness Palestine being detached from the Khilafah state and this is not going to happen…let the Jews keep their millions and once the Khilafah is torn apart one day, then they can take Palestine without a price.” 

It was the Islamic Donmeh Movement that finished the fate of Turkey.  These Sabbatean Donmeh of Turkey were the descendants of the Jewish followers of Shabbatai Tzevi that followed him into his conversion into Islam.  They created the Islamic Qabbala, a distortion and corruption of the Jewish Kabbalah, and out of this messianic ideology,however corrupt, formed a movement called “The Young Turks”. 


It was in the year of 1914 that the Jewish Young Turks were now bolstered by their successful bid to depose Abdül Hamid II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.  This was in retaliation for the Sultan’s refusal to sell the Land of Roman Palestine to the World Zionist Organization. On behalf of the Jewish people, the Young Turks enlarged their bid to topple the imperial European states that had hegemony over the Middle East.



My Comment: I agree with most of what Chamish says, but, I disagree with his views on the Holocaust. I think Hitler was a sabbatean and WWII was the holocaust (burnt offering) to their god lucifer, comprised mostly of Christian's and some religious Jews.

They even nuked the two largest christian communities in Asia, as the grand finale...

I am also of the opinion that what we are currently witnessing in Israel, is Ezekiel 38 and 39, commonly referred to as the story of Gog of Magog. Gog being the Rothschild's and the old money powers behind them. I'm pretty sure Chamish would disagree.



1860: Jewish Hungarian Zionist named Arminius Vambery becomes an advisor to the Sultan Abdül Mecit while secretly working as an agent for Lord Palmerston of the British Foreign Office. Vambery tries to broker a deal between the Zionist leader Theodore Herzl and Sultan Abdul Mecit over the creation of Israel but fails.





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23 hours ago, John Galt said:

Well when you print the money.

They own the infrastructure of money creation. I don't really know what to tell you.

Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!   https://history.stackexchange.com/questions/7887/did-rothschild-say-this-famous-quote-if-yes-what-did-he-mean-by-it


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 Dr. Evil    1,818

It's not about ownership it's about control and control involves giving orders and having them obeyed. Power is another name for it. This is what Rothschild and the Queen of England and the Black Nobilitiy all exercise through their cross-ownership through thousands of proxy companies. 

Think about Switzerland for instance.

Hitler could have easily sent his tanks in anytime he wanted to, and awaiting him was millions of tons of wealth in gold, jewels and art, not to mention documents he could have used to blackmail to his heart's content almost every single powerful person in his enemy countries. 

Yet he never even made a move.

Even though his panzers were less than a phone call away, all through the war.

That's what I mean by power. As in, the people who had power had obviously ordered Hitler to leave their bank alone, and he did.

And that's what all these people exercise, as they buy their puppets, as they, for instance, order that a Central Reserve Bank be setup in Libya as the very first action of the new provisional govt and as they order their media not to talk about that particular bit of the episode. 

And so on.

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