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Study: Dispersants did not help oil degrade in BP spill

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 Lilly    90


The chemical sprayed on the 2010 BP oil spill may not have helped crucial petroleum-munching microbes get rid of the slick, a new study suggests.


"The dispersants did a great job in that they got the oil off the surface," Joye said. "What you see is the dispersants didn't ramp up biodegradation."


In fact, she found the oil with no dispersant "degraded a heckuva lot faster than the oil with dispersants," Joye said.


One of the main groups of oil munchers are fat little sausage-shaped bacteria called marinobacters, Joye said. They eat oil all the time and comprise about 3 percent of the bacteria in normal water. But when there's oil, they eat and multiply like crazy until they are as much as 42 percent of the bacteria, Joye said.

But when the dispersant was applied, they didn't grow. They stayed around 3 percent, Joye said.


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Nature can heal herself.

That's not how we Homo igmoramuses  roll. If ya have a problem, fix it with a chemical or machine. And make a little profit. We pay lip service to the environment. My property is overrun with invasive insect and plant pests, because some genius in Ag introduced a new species without thinking of the consequences.

Wetland mitigation, for example, allows a swamp to be destroyed if equal acreage elsewhere is dug and flooded. Arrogant and idiotic and counterproductive. And profitable. When a hurricane blows in, no cypress swamps will be in place to slow winds and keep soils from washing away. Yes, but we can throw old tires and Christmas trees to fill in the holes! 

Permaculture is a system of respectful land use. Its first principle is to never devise a cure that creates more problems than it solves. But in a state run by Exxon and Dow, that idea flies like a lead balloon over Cancer Alley, aka Louisiana. BP is still around, even though they took their signs down. The oil industry is drying up, thanks to low prices. Once we hit the trigger point, the Arab states will have the market to themselves. 

The NWO mil-ind-complex are tricky bastards. And we're chumps.

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 WhiteHorse    490

The dispersants did nothing but counter the oils natural buoyancy and cause it to sink to the bottom of the ocean instead of floating on top. It's easy to see that a spill of that size would be easier to clean if less washed ashore, out of sight out of mind. Researchers took videos of vast amounts of oil that had collected  at the bottom of the ocean. Microbes have been cleaning oil from the oceans for a long time, along with other natural toxins that come from volcanic vents. The oil that was spilled was bad enough but when you add a cocktail of man made chemicals, some of which were not disclosed, you do more harm than good. 

The largest consumers of the oil and dispersants are the microbes in the intestines of the fauna and people who consume them.

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