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WWIII already happening?

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 love>fear    22

What do you think about when you hear WWIII, is it the sound of bombs and the smell of death?  If so, you might be mistaken on what the final war is all about.  I have come to believe that ww3 is not an actual physical war, at least not in the beginning.  But... it is for control, but not the political or territorial control you might think about.  It is for control over YOU: Mind, Heart and Soul (most important) and it had started a very long time ago. 

If anyone knows history they will tell you that most if not all wars have been started by TPTB in order to lead us to where we are today in time, for control over YOU!  Not just physical control (think addictions), control over emotions (chemicals and food) and most important your soul (aliens, evolution, project blue beam....)

Just thinking out loud.  It is what I have thought for a long time.

Thank you Lord for the gift of your only son, Jesus Christ.  It is by God's Grace that I am truly saved.



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19 minutes ago, thedudeabides said:

Was around that year we opened all of our bases around Russia. 

Okay... Gotcha... Thank you  

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 Sagd    393

War for our minds started in 92 plain and simple I knew it was on after watching Ruby Ridge then 93 Waco then 95 sealed the deal with Oklahoma. I'e always known since I was like 11 years old had the feeling something was very wrong with the system .I started looking for books when I was 13 they were hard to find then I met a biddy and he had about 15 books and I was totally red pilled buy age 17 

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