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And our next item of insanity is.... New York City Sues Oil Companies Over Climate Change

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 RhetoricalRebel    1,827

New York City filed a lawsuit against five major oil companies, asking for billions of dollars to protect the city from climate change.

“In this litigation, the City seeks to shift the costs of protecting the City from climate change impacts back onto the companies that have done nearly all they could to create this existential threat,” said the complaint, which was filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.



Is there a municipal "Darwin Award"?

Just the timing of this is of the charts inane.

Look at NYC temps last week



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 Cinnamon    24,842
1 hour ago, RhetoricalRebel said:

Is there a municipal "Darwin Award"?

If there isn't we should create our own to give out to them.  Did Deblasio spearhead any solar energy initiatives in New York or have any better ideas of how to keep people from freezing to death?

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 markovian    89

and ... ummm how exactly are they going to protect themselfs from climate change ... assuming the oil companys are at fault ... if there guna build like a bio dome thing and segrate themselfs from the rest of us tho im all for it

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