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The Three Industries That Love The TPP: Hollywood, Big Pharma & Wall St.

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 Cinnamon    28,895

Tons of people seem (quite rightly) concerned about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. As we pointed out last week after the final text was finally, released, the agreement has a lot of really big problems. But if you want to understand just how bad the agreement is, perhaps you should just look at the industries that like it. Vox notes that Big Pharma and Hollywood love the agreement while The Intercept notes that Wall Street loves it. 

It should be noted that, actually, Big Pharma is apparently a bit disappointed that the TPP doesn't go far enough in locking up exclusivity for biologics. 

That said, talk about three of the most hated industries around: Hollywood, Big Pharma and Wall Street. But, more importantly, talk about three of the most protectionist, anti-free trade industries around. 



This sounds right to me. The problem big pharma has right now is that the drugs are not expensive enough in countries besides the U.S.  Hollywood wants more protection for their propaganda machine and Wall Street... heh. 

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 WhiteHorse    608

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