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Pentagon Wants to Pair Troops with Machines to Deter Russia, China

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Anything they can use against them can also be used against us. 



SIMI VALLEY, CALIF. – Pentagon leaders believe pairing soldiers with machines in combat will give American troops an edge on the battlefield of the future.


The ambitious effort is the centerpiece of what the Pentagon is calling the “third offset,” a strategy that seeks to deter countries like Russia and China from waging war against the U.S.


Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work, who is leading the offset project for the Pentagon, touted what he called “human-machine collaboration and combat teaming” at the annual Reagan National Defense Forum, a gathering of American national security leaders.


“The way we will go after human-machine collaboration is allowing the machine to help humans make better decisions, faster,” Work said.


The Pentagon’s “offset strategy” makes investments in new technology that defense leaders say will “offset,” or neutralize, the technological advancements of other foes or nations.

“This third offset … is really focused on the advanced capabilities that Russia and China can bring to bear,” Work said. “The whole purpose is to convince them never to try to cross swords with us conventionally.”

At the center of the effort are learning machines, which will “literally operate at the speed of light,” Work said. These computers will help solve problems, such has how to respond to a missile traveling at six times the speed of sound.


Work said the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is one of these types of machines. “The F-35 is not a fighter plane,” Work said. “It is a flying sensor computer that sucks in an enormous amount of data, correlates it, analyzes it and displays it to the pilot on his helmet.”

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The Pentagon, billions squandered without an accountant in sight. I slapped up a thread about it a few months back that should make the taxpayer's blood boil.

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