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Intelligence Dump!

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I was doing some research and thought i would share this link with you all.


It has some half-decent official pdf reports which should give you an insight in to some things that go on, i make a point of reading them when i can.

Some examples of what can be found in the last week alone:

^^ As i said. A Wealth of information!

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Thanks excellent stuff http://www.conspiracyoutpost.com/profile/1-ukshep/ !

Is it just ME, or did the whole "biometrics" thing seem like a ridiculous waste of time? I mean, they have a known bomn maker. People in company of same. Caught them in progress, what is this, "Catch & Release"?

Then again, with the legal system, that might be all they CAN do *sigh*

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that huawei one is particularly funny, since foxconn is in same boat but has been given a chunk of US airwaves for a new mobile network. and if huawei were such a threat to security, why do the feds use them for transport?

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