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Reverse Speech

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Yes we can = Thank you Satan, is what most people know of it. Personally, I heard alot about reverse speech long before Obama was a spot on the political radar. Remember em reversing Bill Clinton to get admissions he did the BJ with Monica (who's name became attached to the dark haired beauty on "friends", but that's just chance. right? nothing is done with intent >.>), so I was wondering what cha'll thought. It's all I got right now. As the powers that be always chill out as we get towards Christmas. It's an important death holiday to them. So while they take a break from ending the show, I thought we could discus if there's any truth in reverse speech. I think some. Like not every example I've seen I thought, "ligit", but I've seen enough to believe it to be ligit with careful review and study over the audio.

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4 hours ago, Ian2day said:

I think that it's other dimensions at work. There are from my memory some very real statements made during reverse speech that are astounding.

I think with all the speech writers and brilliant minds that understand the human mind way better than the average citizen ever will, or would desire to, for that matter, that even if the person saying what is on the telliprompter isn't aware of what is being done, the person who wrote it form em, I would wager knew exactly what they were doing and what message was hidden withen. I don't think Barrack knew, is what i'm saying. Just like he probably didn't realize they keep putting horns on him to keep the right wing a buzz in fear. He just walks out, and does his lil show. Just like Bush before him. The list is longer, but those two were what was learnt from Regean after they pretty much told him that the campaign promises won't happen, or you will die. And, he took the role of president on, as a puppet. Clinton was kinda one, but was handed a silver decaded, maybe even golden, with peace pretty much prospering, the internet stimulating the economy as a new resource. It would take a special kinda genius to fuck up running a nation in the 90s. I think Bush was like the Million Dollar Man in the 80s, he was buying into his own Kayfabe. I think that helped him deal with what he was being told to do by his dad, uncle Cheney (who will shoot you in the face) and uncle Romney. That said, I think he did get to make decisions, or the "Mission Complete" moment wouldn't have happened. He had some creative control is what I'm saying. I don't think Obama has that. If he does, he spent it well. 

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 Guitar Doc    1,199

I had a play around with this many years ago. My brother had an old tape player. It died at the head so he transplanted another one in as it was a good portable unit. He accidentally glued it in backwards. We played tapes in it backwards (there was a song where the lyric is "the Answer is in the sky" when backwards it comes out "Nigel is his name") led Zeppelin's Stairway to heaven. Queens Another one bites the dust.


But when we left it lying around recording we got some interesting stuff. One was , "no the other end mate" as clear as day in  the middle of a conversation. It does appear on some levels we are communicating backwards as well as forwards. Sometimes people slur a word or two, when played backwards they were correctly pronouncing a backwards word that required them to slur in order to do it. Sometimes the truth slips out, but backwards it seems.

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