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Shock Figures Show Women Now Cheat as Much as Men

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promoted comment (describes it and covers so much)


Consensual sex for women becomes a case of the 'stranger living within" where living cells of the partner have been found in the circulatory system of women 38 years after.

The harboring of DNA or cells from another individual is called 'microchimerism'. Did you know that some of the neurons in mothers’ brains actually stem from their babies? In other words: some of a mother’s brain cells are actually from the offspring (meaning father's DNA). Think about this for a moment and what this actually means.

Male microchimerism in women without sons has been found to be at 21% of women tested. Not all microchimerism is bad though. It all depends on how genetically different the partner is. If known, this fact would send a stark message to women that intend to cheat and to those wanting noncommittal sex.

With similar genetic heredity, microchimerism acts as a positive attribute to the woman's immune system and overall health. Essentially, a female's immune system becomes predisposed and 'biased' in favor of her partner's genes. The consequence of a woman having an extra-marital affair can cause an auto-immune response that may be undetected in her until years later. Microchimerism and autoimmune diseases are well documented.

How many people know this?

Here's more. Mother and unborn child usually tolerate each other, but if this were to break down, the fetus's immune system would identify the mother's cells as foreign and attack them, with the fetus's own heart cells getting caught in the crossfire. Paternal DNA acting via clones of microchimeric cells in the maternal body could launch an immunological attack against the non-kin sperm in the female genitalia, or against the non-kin fetus in the womb. Thus, microchimeric cells carrying partly the DNA of a former father may launch an attack on a new embryo fathered by a new male. Some mothers get pregnant only to improve their immune system and then to abort. This is a form of female parasitism and infantile sacrifice.

Microchimeric cells of maternal origin may be involved in the pathogenesis of a group of autoimmune diseases found in children, juvenile idiopathic inflammatory myopathies (one example would be juvenile dermatomyositis).

This exercise of describing microchimerism shows evidence that Nature 
intends for mankind to have one mate coming from his own ethnic genetic group. It also gives new meaning to a married woman that 'knew' no one before being wedded. You can now certainly appreciate why a virgin woman is a good thing instead of propaganda spewed by the genocidal and misanthropic powerful few. " http://www.prisonplanet.com/shock-figures-show-women-now-cheat-as-much-as-men.html#comment-2340759111

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Men who sleep around are sluts too. They've always demanded the right to do that while denying it to women. Now the women have had enough of that double standard, so now the men are whining and crying about not having special privileges anymore. Waaaaaaah!

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Nothing new, women have been sleeping their way to the top for decades and when you get to the top what do you encounter? More liars and cheats, stiffs and skirts alike.

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