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The “Snowden” Psyop is Nearly Complete – Patriot Act to be Replaced by ‘Freedom Act” (written by the same guy)

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According to the New York Times, heroic “Edward Snowden” has sufficiently prepped the people of the country to make themselves ready for a retooling of the illegal mass snooping being conducted on us everyday in the name of national security. And by “retooling” I mean “privatization”

That of course is what I have been writing for two years now.

“On Thursday, a bill that would overhaul the Patriot Act and curtail the so-called metadata surveillance exposed by Edward J. Snowden was overwhelmingly passed by the House Judiciary Committee and was heading to almost certain passage in that chamber this month.”

The Snowden disclosures, along with data breaches at Sony Pictures (false flag), Target and the insurance giant Anthem, have unsettled voters and empowered those in Congress arguing for greater civil liberties protection…”

Mr. Snowden’s disclosures prompted a public backlash…” New York Times

Yes, it’s all about “Edward Snowden” and his fake leaks making the country “ready to have the debate” about the need to hand over your privacy to Big Telecom verses the need to protect you from all those fake terrorist bombing plans the FBI creates on a near weekly schedule.

In reality, the bulk collection of the data isn’t going to stop. Not even this sycophantic Times article can make that claim. They just pretend that it does in the first 12 paragraphs or so, slipping in the caveats toward the end.


The government would still be able to conduct some bulk data collection. The N.S.A. has used a section of the law that created the FISA court for vast sweeps of phone and email data. Judiciary Committee members from both parties sought to end that data-collection avenue as well, but leaders of the committee beat that effort back…” New York Times

So the government can still and will still engage in “bulk data collection”? I’m sorry, I thought this was all about stopping bulk data collection. Am I confused? So if that is the case, what is this thing really about?

Here’s a little taste of what the USA Freedom Act is actually all about. Don’t just take my word for it:


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You must mean Snowden the double agent. The giver of instruction
to those who wait for their orders! The fake whistleblower!

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You say he was complicit in the reverse psychology deception?

Or could he be another dupe who was set up to justify more theft of civil liberties? I think a lot of shooter/bomber/terrorists are victims in a way. They are mind-controlled Manchurian Candidates.

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